Big Data Transformative-Roadmap Workshop 

The time has come and you must innovate and take advantage of your Big Data.   Our mission is to help you understand Big Data and obtain the maximum return from your investment.  We provide the expertise to help you reshape your infrastructure to match your business needs and take advantage of Big Data by extracting insights from increasing volumes of data—from e-mails, social media, sensor data, customer data, etc..—and convert them into information.   We employ a flexible and collaborative process. 

The Big Data Transformative-Roadmap Workshop is the ideal place to begin. Through our workshop, we’ll partner with you to design a strategy and roadmap that captures, consolidates, manages and protects information, including structured, semi-structured and unstructured data.  We’ll define current capabilities and functionalities within your company and help fill in the holes with the expert talent needed to execute your Big Data initiatives. 

What we do:

  • Partner with you to formulate and execute a comprehensive Big Data strategy prioritizing key business outcomes.
  • Discover your organization’s strengths and weaknesses in regards to Big Data. 
  • Designate what Big Data functionalities are critical for you.
  • Define security, management, operations, and standards models for Big Data.
  • Discover and map linkages and cross-functional opportunities.
  • Design a unique roadmap and actionable steps to ensure success.

Areas Explored:

  • Big Data implications:  We’ll explore the implications of volume, velocity, and variety of current Big Data sets.
  • Security and Governance: We’ll explore data compliance issues and governance.
  • Gap and Impact Analysis: By mapping “current state” to “ideal state” models, we’ll help identify and prioritize the infrastructure, applications, and data decisions that must be made and quantify the impact.

Insights obtained:

  • Overview of an ideal integration architecture and standards that deliver key functionality.
  • High-level implementation strategy that maximizes Big Data services and value.
  • A unified plan that is both transformative and realistic.
  • How to construct cross-IT Big Data functions.


  • Create and shape the vision: As part of the workshop, we interview and bring together the insights of stakeholders from different parts of the organization.  From stakeholders we bring together pain points to discuss ideas for addressing them.  We organize their recommended improvements and help find common ground on solutions, goals, and models.  Through collaboration and shared vision we help streamline implementation of Big Data solutions.
  • Defined quick wins: To build a credible enabler of Big Data within an organization, we help identify quick wins and agile implementation steps targeted towards specific business goals.  This gives stakeholders the opportunity target and improve ROI of Big Data initiatives.   
  • The Roadmap: The output from the workshop is a tailored roadmap integrating the insights of both internal and external experts addressing business needs with a Big Data IT approach that extracts insights and yields ROI.  The roadmap helps leaders communicate with stakeholders and optimize the Big Data environment.
    • The plan may include new technologies such as:
      • Hadoop
      • Cloud computing
      • Mobile
      • Virtualization
      • Clustering

Method of Engagement:

  • 1 day- Kick Start Big Data Workshop
  • 2 weeks - Big Data Strategy & Roadmap Workshop
  • 3 Months - Implementation