Design and Implement Hadoop 

So you’re an enterprise exploring Hadoop to store and process your data.  With Hadoop, you can scale an architecture model consisting of hundreds or thousands of nodes, yielding massive power.  But with this comes a series of questions that must be addressed:

  • How do I configure and size the servers?
  • How do I integrate the corporate network with the Hadoop network?
  • How do I manage Hadoop?
  • What do I need in place to structure Hadoop for high availability?
  • How will upgrades, expansion, and maintenance by addressed?
  • How do we ensure security of data moving in and out of Hadoop?
  • How do I secure data?

Our experts and Hadoop vendor partners can help you answer these question in order to:

  • Accelerate Hadoop projects
  • Get the most out of your Hadoop system
  • Stay on track with your implementation schedule
  • Keep our staff focused on core issues
  • Minimize risk

Implementing Hadoop requires skills that that not only involve Hadoop, but also networks, operating systems, operations, and automation.  If your company is missing any of these skills, Quant 6 can step in to augment your team.  We can help you with all the details of the design and produce a document detailing your Hadoop implementation specification:

  • Naming: Documenting network naming and integration with the corporate network
  • Hardware, Networking, Software: Providing a recommended bill of materials for the Hadoop Cluster
  • Administration: Identifying management tools and integration of authentication services
  • Backup and Disaster recovery:  Identification of systems
  • Operating Procedures: We provide detailed operating procedures and standards.

Unleash the power of Hadoop:  Many Hadoop implementations perform well below optimal ROI levels.  To maximize the ROI of Hadoop deployments, our experts will help you:

  • Ensure your Hadoop hardware is properly configured
  • Configure data ingress/egress systems
  • Implement management tools according to the specifications in the RA
  • Implement authentication services
  • Effectively integrate Hadoop network naming and integration into the corporate network according to the design
  • Perform acceptance testing and system operation validation.

Method of Engagement:

  • 1 day - Hadoop Starter Workshop
  • 2 weeks - Hadoop Roadmap-Vendor Selection Workshop
  • 3-6 month- Insourcing Professionals, Outsourcing, Projects