Ed has expertise in creative algorithm development and scalable video delivery systems. While at Google, he enhanced youtube's video delivery system in preparation for live streaming of the 2012 Olympics, improved latency/robustness of the delivery path optimizer, and blocked public data leaks of optimization outputs.  He also added multi-signal analysis capability to internal anomaly detection libraries and pipelines. He presented analysis of variant signal decomposition methods to the anomaly detection group for evaluation and helped identify highest-value signals for automated analysis and alerting.  

He has expertise in adapting algorithms in diverse problem domains (eg, image/signal processing, gene sequence matching, stochastic financial modeling, cryptography, language translation) to massively parallel architectures. He has a track record of leading and facilitating development of creative solutions to technical challenges that engineering teams can believe in and execute on, actively enhancing the collective team expertise.

Ph.D. Applied Mathematics,  Harvard University; NSF Graduate Fellow