Enterprise Big Data Initiatives-Vendor Selection

It is complex out there with hundreds of Big Data vendors offering products and services. In addition, the landscape is evolving quickly and in constant change.  Which do you choose?  How do you select the vendors that will best address your needs?  How do they fit together?Through our Enterprise Big Data Initiative Workshops, we help clients augment their internal data assets with Big Data capabilities by helping them select the best vendors that help them exploit the value of data assets.


  • Define and refine Big Data requirements and vendor management criteria by interviewing key internal and external stakeholders.
  • Assess current procedures and methods.
  • Identify barriers to success.
  • Discover quick-win options and solutions.
  • Evaluate partnership options.
  • Create a vendor scoring matrix for stakeholders.
  • Define required capabilities from each section of the Big Data stack and architect a custom Big Data vendor stack based on requirements for each of the following: Analytics, Applications, Data Sources, Cross Infrastructure/Analytics, Open Source

How confusing is it?  Here is one example of the complexity of the Big Data Landscape that we help navigate:



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Method of Engagement:

  • 1 day - Enterprise Starter Workshop
  • 2 weeks - Big Data Vendor Selection Roadmap Workshop
  • 3-6 month- Insourcing, Outsourcing, Projects