What is the typical Quant 6 engagement?

Clients generally use us for longer-term engagements. Average engagements last six to twelve months. Some engagements can last for years. About 75% of our engagements are full-time with our consultant working at the client's site, fully integrated into a project or department. The remaining 25% of engagements are remote and/or part-time. Some consultants serve one client at a time, while others work with multiple clients in parallel.

Can Quant 6 help assemble a high performance custom built team for a special project?

Quant 6 "Managed Services" assembles a custom team to complete projects from start to finish and to manage on-going projects. Managed Services (MS) is responsible for designing custom built teams to deliver an end-to-end solution based on a defined set of services. The two principle areas are Managed Custom Services (MCS), where we design and deliver end-to-end outsourced solutions for all or part of a special project in F500 companies and Managed Delivery Services (MCS) were we design a team to manage outsourced day-to-day operations and deliver specific services. We bill an upfront setup fee and an ongoing flat or near-fixed monthly fee, which benefits our clients by providing them with predictable support costs. The teams are integrated into the client and report directly to the client. We augment staff for special projects on a variable cost basis. Our talent has worked and trained at JP Morgan, Intuit, Google, Nike, Cisco, Pepsi, P & G, Bain, McKinsey, Mars & Co, Jefferies, and many others.Our independent consultants possess top credentials and industry experience. Nearly 90% come from a top 25 school, most have worked at a top consulting firm, Fortune 500, or leading emerging growth company.

Why do consultants want to be part of the Quant 6 network?

Consultants join because we connect them to the projects they dream of working on. They're looking for more control over their careers and life and seek diversity of work, interesting clients, and a pipeline of projects. With marketing, negotiation, and administration taken care of, consultants can concentrate on getting the best job done.

How are consultants affiliated with Quant 6?

We work with our consultants through the consultant's business organization (Corp to Corp), or directly (as W-2 employees), depending on the specific situation. Please know that your relationship with us is confidential and non-exclusive.  We comply with all necessary business insurance coverages such as General Liability and Errors & Omissions and our model addresses the regulatory compliance issues around the hiring of independent consultants. Our large corporate clients can safely work with our independent consultants without any risk of having consultants reclassified by the IRS as employees.

How are Quant 6 consultants compensated?

As an independent consultant with Quant 6, consultants control the timing and type of the work they do earning per diems that enable them to match a full-time salary in 100-150 days. Each consultant's per diem is determined by a combination of factors including experience, skill sets, and credentials.Quant 6 consultants are paid only when they're engaged by a client. This is by design. This allows us to be extremely efficient and provide great value for our clients. This also provides consultants the flexibility to chose the project they want. While it's not for everyone, for the right people, the upside is very favorable: attractive compensation, choice of sophisticated work, exciting clients, self-direction, and control.

Does Quant 6 provide benefits?

We provide our consultants access to full benefits package including health, vision, dental, life and disability and 401k plans.

What is your application process?

We generally grow our talent pool organically through trusted referrals. We also recruit from the alumni networks of top-tier universities, bulge bracket firms, and prestigious fellowship programs. They have experience at blue chip companies, top-tier management consulting firms, bulge-bracket investment banks, and leading emerging growth companies.  Our hiring process is similar to what consultants experience at consulting firms. After reviewing resumes, we'll typically follow up with an introductory call. If there is a fit, we invite you to come in for the first of two rounds of interviews. In addition, we'll perform due diligence by following up with your previous employers, running background checks, etc. All of this helps make sure the right fit is there.

How selective is Quant 6?

We've seen a tremendous amount of interest. Our acceptance rate is about 4%.

How much experience do I need to have?

Our average consultant has 6-15 years of experience. Our clients are looking for our consultants to hit the ground running. We focus on hiring people with specific expertise. We do consider talented consultants with fewer years of experience.

What skill sets are you looking for?

Quant 6 consultants have a wide range of skills serving the following principal practice areas: data science, quantitative financial methods, operations research, software engineering, and data visualization.

Do Quant 6 consultants have offices?

The majority of our consultants work onsite with clients, so their offices vary with each engagement. Some consultants are based at the same office for months, others work out of multiple offices on a weekly basis and the remainder work remotely.