We Provide Big Data Experts

We Build Things

 Big Data Implementation

Big Data Implementation

We provide expert talent to help clients implement Big Data initiatives. Our professionals "forward deploy" to augment internal client teams executing the most urgent projects. Our business model allows clients to cost effectively manage surges in business requiring top talent without committing to long-term fixed labor costs.

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We Solve Complex Problems

 The Navy Seals of Data Science

The Navy Seals of Data Science

We assemble “custom built” teams composed of elite management consultants, data scientists, software engineers, and data visualization engineers to extract actionable insights from data. We assemble teams to analyze structured, semi-structured, unstructured, relational, geospatial, and temporal datasets. 

We're Experts in Agile Big Data

 Data Driven Applications

Data Driven Applications

We build custom data driven software applications.

  • Algorithm Design
  • Analytics on Hadoop
  • Internet of Things
  • Customer Analytics
  • Mobile Applications
  • Apps & APIs

We have expertise in computer science, mathematics, and engineering from MIT, Stanford, Harvard, and Princeton and alumni from Google and McKinsey.   Our clients know what they want to achieve and work with our talent to tackle their most pressing issues.  We provide clients with on-demand access to experts and multidisciplinary teams with diverse data science skills.  We serve funded software startups to Fortune 1000 companies and engage with clients in 3 ways: insourcing, outsourcing, and projects. 

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Big Data 

  • Big Data Road Maps
  • Platform Selection
  • Skill Enhancement and Augmentation
  • Deep Engineering & Data Science Expertise

Business Innovation

  • Retail Analytics
  • Distribution Analytics
  • Manufacturing Analytics
  • Actionable Insights
  • Predictive Analytics 
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Supply Chain Optimization


Data Driven Transformation

  • New Information Based Products
  • New Businesses
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Big Data KPI