Kirin works with an agile team of engineers & mathematicians providing extensive big data analytic services.  She builds statistical models using Excel, R and Python and presents findings to clients. She recently conducted an extensive literature review to find statistical models, methods, and foundational material for a predictive analytics engagement.

Her work includes both theoretical and applied statistics, regression analysis, ANOVA, econometrics, real and complex analysis, and independent research regarding a newly developed approximation of the Hodges-Lehmann estimator. She regularly uses R, Excel, Mathematica, LaTex, Sweave, and Python. 

Past projects include evaluating survey data concerning addiction and recovery programs, developing hedonic pricing models for professional competitive racing bicycles, and predicting voting outcomes analyzing intersections of economic class, geography, and party affiliation.  She presented her original mathematics and statistics research at the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Boston last year, among other conferences.  After finishing the post-baccalaureate program, Kirin was a Lisa Kernan Social Justice Fellow at the Center for Policy Analysis on Trade and Health in San Francisco, where she focused on conflicts between international trade law and international public health treaties. Kirin also coaches a women's rowing team and practices Muay Thai kickboxing.

Mills College,  degree in Economics and minor in Mathematics. 
In 2012, Kirin received a post-baccalaureate degree from Smith College's Center for Women in Mathematics, where she focused on Mathematical Statistics.