Michael Fernandez

Founder | e: michael [@] 

I assemble and lead teams to launch new ventures.  I start by partnering with a technologist or academic researcher to launch a company. During the discovery phase, I act as the founding CEO to assemble a multi-disciplinary team to test a hypothesis for product market fit. We refine the initiative through dozens of reviews of the vision, product fit, and business model and go through at least three “go or no go” decisions. Once successful, I bring in clients and create a clear path to revenues. I then partner with investors to assemble a professional management team including the CEO that will replace me to take the company to the next level.  I'm currently leading the team at Threadeo, a cloud based software and managed services company.  I'm also leading the discovery phase of an artificial intelligence and life science company.

I'm an experienced entrepreneur, technologist, and business advisor to senior management teams. I've developed an integrated skill set in digital customer engagement, e-commerce, mobile applications, UI/UX design, and product development. During my first startup, I taught myself how to code and learned how to manage engineering teams to built an award winning e-commerce site earning two Forbes best of the web awards and was selected by a technology magazine as a leading CTO. I later led teams of data and computer scientists tackling complex predictive challenges. I partner with corporate innovation teams, university researchers, and accelerators interested in launching disruptive technologies in growth markets. I act as the venture builder and/or interim CEO focused on achieving early stage value creation milestones, assembling the management team, and creating a clear path product-market fit.

I have experience starting, building, and selling businesses. My experience in M & A and corporate finance exposed me to over 100 M & A transactions of small private companies. I've partnered with private equity investors to evaluate and acquire businesses as an independent sponsor.

I'm most proud of my community service. I co-founded Little Kids Rock ( to revitalize and restore music education. Little Kids Rock is a national non-profit restoring and revitalizing music education in disadvantaged public schools. We've served over 500,000 kids. I also serve on the board of We partner with philanthropists and corporations to invest in social entrepreneurs. In 2016, we invested over $225 million accelerating social good in over 110 countries. I served in the US Army and trained in small team leadership, distributed networks, and special operations.

MPA, Harvard University
BSE, The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania