When our clients need efficiencies across technical projects, we provide end-to-end management and delivery from help in the selection of platforms to application development and managed services.

This includes proof-of-concept, code testing, end-to-end debugging, development, production deployment, and support features such as remote troubleshooting, configuration, application development advice, and diagnosis of systems. Our multi-person teams take on entire functions for our clients and are on the hook for delivering process efficiencies, hitting SLAs and often for configuring, installing, and deploying technology. In general, there are two phases to these engagements: set-up and delivery.

The set-up phase is led by our Design Solutions team—a group that comprises analytic consultants from McKinsey/Bain/ BCG , technologists, process engineers, and lawyers with expertise in cross border data flows. Delivery is led by Professionals Services team—ranging from engineers, mathematicians, and data scientists to senior management consultants—all managed by a partner level team leader.