We Partner With Universities and Corporate Innovation Teams to Launch New Ventures

  We Are Founders of New Start Ups

We Are Founders of New Start Ups

Our expertise is in forming and leading teams.  Our New Ventures initiative focuses on partnering with leading academic research institutions and corporations to spin out technologies into new companies.

Our Process:

  • We invest time, energy, and our resources researching and getting to know leading researchers, scientists, and inventors working on transformative technologies at leading research institutions with the objective of finding ways to help them.
  • We work with them to identify financial resources to help them complete their work (ie. government grants, foundations, angel investors, venture firms).
  • We assemble and organize resources from within the institution and mobilize internal stakeholders.
  • Together, we determine promising technologies and partner with them and the institution to take the necessary steps to commercialize a discovery.
  • We then form the company as founders; generally serving as the founding CEO.
  • We assemble the advisory board.
  • We then bring in the IP, recruit the CXO (Chief Medical Officer, Chief Science Officer, Chief Data Officer) and build out the management team.
  • We raise capital to fund the company.
  • We place strong emphasis on people, culture, team dynamics, and analytics. 

We are founders and entrepreneurs (not VCs) and remain on the management team until we hire the growth phase management team and then remain on the board to monitor performance. We excel at dynamic teaming, rapid team reconfiguration, expertise sharing, behavioral intelligence, data analytics, and seamless team integration.  

Current Spin Out:  We are working with a leading research institute to commercialize a medical diagnostic tool to predict and prevent a chronic disease.