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Cross Disciplinary Approaches Solving Complex Data Science Problems

Forward Deployment Services

 We solve complicated problems

We solve complicated problems

We provide on-demand independent data science and engineering talent to clients implementing analytics initiatives. Our professionals and custom built teams "forward deploy" into clients to execute the most urgent and complex analytic and software engineering projects. Our business model allows clients to cost effectively manage surges in business requiring top talent without committing to long-term fixed labor costs. We deploy talent into companies on an on-demand and variable cost basis. We are there when you need us and gone when you don't. We have expertise in industrial analytics and customer analytics.



Application Development

We forward deploy data scientists, software engineers, and data visualization engineers into clients to work as part of their team to build software applications and products analyzing disparate and large datasets that provide ongoing insights answering business questions. We assemble custom teams to analyze structured, semi-structured, unstructured, relational, geospatial, and temporal datasets. Our team is experienced in all phases of software development, encompassing requirements definition, design, coding, and alpha and beta testing.


Delivering Decision Support Services

 Getting ROI from Big Data

Getting ROI from Big Data

Our Analytic Decision Support Services (ADSS) is responsible for designing custom built data science and engineering teams to deliver an end-to-end analytic support solution based on a defined set of services. The two principle areas are Managed Decision Support Services (MDSS), where we design and deliver custom end-to-end outsourced solutions for all or part of Big Data projects in F1000 companies, and Managed Delivery Services (MDS) where we design a team to manage outsourced day-to-day operations. Our forward deployed teams work with remote team members and partner firms to deliver services. We are there when clients need us and gone when they don’t.

What we offer?

Expert data science services and talent to implement complex analytic and software engineering solutions.

Who is it for?

CFOs, analytics departments, and IT leaders executing in-house Big Data analytics initiatives.

• Low cost, low risk approach
• No increase in FTE head count
• Ensure success of in-house Big Data analytics projects

How is it delivered? 

Forward deployed engineers augmenting internal teams and remote engineers available via Web, phone, email, and remote access. Our Managed Services address the skills shortage in data science and software engineering. Our team and partners serve as an on-demand elite team allowing you to scale-up or scale-down resources as needed.

What are some example services?

  • Software architecture and engineering

  • Predictive analytics

  • Remote management of big data infrastructure

  • Risk analytic models

  • Supply chain analytics

  • Financial engineering analytics

  • Customer analytics

  • Dashboard, tool, and model development and management