Senior Data Scientist, PhD

Steve excels at advanced analytics and modeling and the structuring of systems to conform to business needs. He is experienced in prototyping analytic solutions to complex problems.  As a software architect for a start-up venture, he was involved in the design and implementation of the core functionality of complex analytic software products, including a network management system for distribution centers used by several well-known firms including a drug store chain, a pharmaceutical company, and a distributor of medical supplies.  He has eight years of consulting experience, including performing technical and strategic analyses for several Fortune Global 500 companies.  These related to potential partner evaluation and development of semantics and data-oriented products. Steve can “connect the dots” from high-level strategy to analytics to hands-on programming and has experience in adaptive systems, machine learning,  natural language processing, the semantic web, and wireless networks.

As an expert in the field of programming languages, Steve is an author of over half a dozen technical articles and has presented at several prestigious international conferences.  Steve has also served on a recent programming language standards committee.  He taught an accelerated class in C++ at Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University, in Beppu, Japan.


Ph.D. Programming Languages, Indiana University

B.S. Engineering, B.S. Economics, University of Pennsylvania (Engineering &  Applied Science, Wharton)