6 Things To Know When Choosing Glass Countertops

Glass countertops are not very common countertops to be seen, but they are amazing and beautiful just like quartz kitchen tops. Here are some things you need to know about glass countertops before you buy them.

Are Glass Countertops Suited for Your House?

If you like the appeal of glass as your countertop, you need to ask yourself a few questions first before you commit you buying and installing glass countertops. First of all, if you wish to install glass countertops in your kitchen then you need to make sure that you don’t have a lot of human traffic in the kitchen. Glass is a delicate material and it can shatter easily, if an impact, large enough, hits the surface of the glass. Also, glass countertops are not a good option if you have a lot of kids to deal with. Kids run around, and they will bump into the glass, which can easily crack or chip the sides of the glass. Glass kitchen countertops are amazing for kitchens which are minimal and where there is no hustle and hurry.

Thickness of Glass

The thickness of the glass is directly related to the strength and durability of the glass. Thicker glass will have a lot more durability than thinner and fragile glass. Thick glass is mainly used for kitchen countertops, dining tables and bathroom sinks. Thinner glasses cannot be used as simply a countertop, it needs to be laid on top of a wooden plank or base to give it the strength and durability which is necessary for a countertop.

Go for The Bathroom Instead of The Kitchen

Glass is a good material to use, not in the kitchen, but in the bathrooms. In bathrooms, sinks and small stands can be made from glass and there will be less maintenance because there is no such hassle or hurry in the bathroom than it is in the kitchen. Thick glass can be used on the bottom of the sinks and they can be used as shower fixtures and stands. Glass will look more regal and luxurious in the bathroom. Glass is not a good material to use in the kitchen with a lot of heavy work.

Types of Glass

There are many types of glasses available for countertops. Two of the very common types of glasses used for countertops are tempered glass and non-tempered glass which you will find with most of the countertop contractors. Tempered glass is heat treated glass, which enhances the glass’ properties. Non-tempered glass is just like ordinary glass. Tempered glass is better for use in the kitchen, because the temperature increases the strength of the glass by changing its structure. Another type of glass is recycled glass. Recycled glass is not as clear as regular glass. It is an engineered glass which is made with solid glass fibers and crushed glass. Recycled glass is not as popular as regular glass, but it is also an option to consider for your kitchen countertop.

Don’t Go for Textured Glass

Plain glass is considered to be more popular than textured glass and it is for a good reason. Textured glass is very hard to clean, and it requires a lot of maintenance as well. plain glass is smudge proof, low maintenance, easy to clean and less of a hassle to deal with. Textured glass has a lot of ridges and designs in it, some of them are protruded and raised, which makes the glass surface very hard to clean. Textured glass can be used as a décor piece, but it is not ideal for countertops.

Glass Price Varies

As mentioned previously, glass thickness varies a lot. The same goes for the price of glass as well. tempered glass is very expensive as it is heat treated to increase its strength. Textured glass is expensive as it has a lot of designs on its surface, which are hard to make. The colors of glasses also make the prices of the countertops different. The only colors in which glass is available are black, blue, green, clear and white glass. All of these vary in price.

Just because it’s glass, doesn’t mean you can’t use it as your countertop material. Select the right countertop replacement companies Potomac for better quality and installation coupled with affordable cost of glass countertops.

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