7 Precautionary Steps To Take When Holding Corporate Events During The Pandemic

We have all been deeply affected by this pandemic in one way or the other. Whether we accept the harsh reality or keep denying it, there is absolutely no way we will return to our normal lives. We are gradually struggling to fit in this new normal, where meeting people, giving and receiving hugs, shaking hands are not permissible. Though lockdown rules are finally easing in many countries, the risk has still not diminished. A lot of organizations and businesses postponed their corporate meetings and seminars for the pandemic to safely pass, but it seems like no one will ever return to the previous normal again. Event planning companies and corporate tent rentals are stepping forward with all necessary precautions but safety should come first while planning an event whether big or small.

So for the time being there are a few important aspects that need to be considered and implemented before planning any event. It is always worthwhile to contact the local council of your area before planning any event because every area has different guidelines and rules and also has different policies to deal with the pandemic chaos.

Choose A Larger Venue

This pandemic has shifted our paradigm in all aspects. The venues you were previously comfortable with a 600 guest list will no longer suffice. Tell event planning companies to book for larger venues so that all social distancing protocols can be implemented.

In this pandemic, adhere to outdoor gatherings because this way six feet apart distancing can be put into practice. Indoor gatherings should either be avoided or alternate plans be made.

Minimize The Guest List

It is the host’s responsibility to minimize physical contact throughout the event. This task is achievable if you stick to a limited number of guests. Invite only those who are most important and for the remainders, add them on online meeting portals.

Convey Health Guidelines To All Attendees

Before the event, it’s good to keep all attendees in loop by conveying to them that their health and safety matters most. By doing this you are increasing your credibility and ensuring safety of others too.

For achieving this purpose, tell them to avoid the session if they have been in close contact with an affected person, or are showing signs of the virus, or simply having the seasonal flu and fever. For their safety and the safety of others, they better stay home and attend via live session.

Hybrid Events

This pandemic has introduced us to hybrid events where the event is actually being held at a physical location and is attended by a larger audience online.

Many people and organizations are favoring hybrid sessions because they are considered as a healthy alternative to crowded physical gatherings.

Sanitize The Venue Properly

In case you do opt for a physical meeting or seminar, ensure proper sanitization of the venue before and during the event for the wellbeing of all attendees. Especially high traffic areas should be sanitized with regularity.

It’s rather advisable to shut down some high traffic areas like water fountains and bars, etc.

Multiple entrance and exit gates should be installed to prevent crowding.

Restrooms should be limited to one at a time and queues outside should be discouraged.

Ensure Availability Of Masks, Gloves, Sanitizers Throughout The Event

That’s your responsibility as a host to ensure their availability, for those who have forgotten or need a replacement. A small table or kiosk can be put to use for this purpose.  You should also have an ample supply of hand sanitizers at your venue and guests should be encouraged to use them frequently.

Medical Assistance Should Be Readily Available

Again as a host it’s your duty to ensure the safety and wellness of all guests at your premises. In case a medical emergency does arise, immediate health facilities should be provided by you. Trained personnel can be hired who are experts in tackling such emergencies.

Final Word

Organizing an event during a pandemic is indeed risky but by the timely implementation of guidelines mentioned above and working with reliable event planners and event tent rentals Rockland NY, your event will run without any mishap and deliver your desired results too. Good luck!

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