How To Clean Commercial Kitchen Equipment

When it comes to running a commercial restaurant, other than commercial appliances repair, cleaning and maintaining the kitchen is key to providing top-quality food. Customers are not only paying for the food itself but for the hygiene as well. Therefore, it is your job to reduce as much bacteria and dirt as possible. So, let’s take a look into how you can clean commercial kitchen equipment on a daily basis.

How To Clean And Maintain Inceptors, Grease Traps, And Kitchen Exhaust Systems?

The first thing you need to consider when it comes to cleaning commercial kitchen equipment is the under-sink traps and inceptors to ensure that everything runs perfectly smooth the entire day. Depending on the amount of grease and dirt collected, you will need to clear the grease either every day or multiple times during the way. However, keep in mind that accumulation of grease will damage the components and therefore, cleaning is necessary. This is also important so that the grease buildup is prevented to avoid blocking the sewerage line. If that happens to be the case, then you will need to unblock that as well as part of your responsibility. Otherwise, the legal troubles will catch on to you.

How To Clean Stainless Steel Equipment?

If you have ever been inside a restaurant kitchen, you will observe that the entire kitchen setup is mostly made from stainless steel. The reason is that it does not catch rust and is designed to last for years to come. Another key reason is that stainless steel is bacteria-resistant as well. To ensure that your stainless steel equipment is kept in a top-notch condition, clean it with a wet cloth and mild detergent. However, if you come across stubborn dirt or grease, you might want to use a bit more aggressive material. Then, rinse the surface and dry immediately.

How To Clean Greasy Commercial Kitchen Floors?

Out of all the things that make up a commercial restaurant, the floor happens to take the most beating. Therefore, it is dirty and greasy. Plus, customers will be dropping food and other materials that will cause germs in the air. Furthermore, employees can track dirt into walk-in freezers, refrigerators and food-prep areas, etc. To clean greasy commercial kitchen floors, we recommend investing in a floor cleaning system. You can work with the mop as well if your restaurant is of average size. However, if it is big then you will need to definitely purchase a cleaning system.

How To Clean An Oven?

Although cleaning the oven might not be the most favorite on anyone’s list but the fact of the matter is that cleaning the commercial oven regularly makes it more manageable. To ensure that you clean it properly, you should use the owner’s manual provided by the manufacturer. It should contain information about the best practices for cleaning your oven. Furthermore, when it comes to cleaning the oven, you need to have the right cleaning equipment as well. Otherwise, you might end up comprising its quality.

Regular Restaurant Kitchen Cleaning Tasks

Apart from cleaning the oven and all the other important kitchen equipment, there are some other daily cleaning tasks as well that are as important and should be considered. Weekly cleaning of the restaurant equipment should include cleaning the faucets and sinks along with the coffee machines and ovens. On the other hand, on a monthly basis the freezers, ice machines, and dry storage areas need to be cleaned. Finally, comes the yearly restaurant equipment cleaning. This includes cleaning the pilot lights and hoods. If you are not able to do it yourself, you can hire kitchen equipment suppliers who specialize in hood cleaning. Since it is a time taking process, you might want to leave it at the pros.

Lastly, remember that the key to restaurant cleaning lies in the little things. If you were to only clean the most noticeable objects but overlook the small ones, you might end up in trouble later on. Therefore, develop a system that allows you to clean every inch of the place.

Final Word

Concluding, cleaning your restaurant’s kitchen equipment can be easy if you were to follow the steps mentioned above. Make sure that you follow a schedule to ensure that your kitchen is always neat and clean. Moreover, keep in contact with an appliance repair expert who can do refrigerator, walk in cooler, ice maker, oven, steamer and deep fryer repair Fairfax.

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