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Can Child Custody Be Changed After Divorce?

So, you’ve just been through the terrible process of a divorce, but on the bright side, you still have custody of your children. However, things might not to stay the same forever. What if the child custody is changed? Can it happen? Do you need a child custody lawyer for help? And what if you

What Questions Are Asked At A Child Custody Hearing

With divorces comes division, and if you add children into the mix, it can be even more complicated and heartbreaking. Here are some common questions that are asked in a child custody hearing which your family attorney should prepare you for. Relationship Between The Parents This is a very important question that’s asked when you’re

What Should You Not Do When Getting A Divorce

Divorces are hard in themselves and you don’t want to do something stupid to make the process even more messy than it already is. This is taking the advice of divorce attorneys is essential. Here are some things you should absolutely avoid when you are going through a divorce. Seeking Revenge It sounds extremely tempting

Going To The Basics – Understanding Personal Injury Law

From accidents to animal bites, everything is covered under personal injury law. If injury is caused by negligence or malpractice by an accused, then even that would be fought under personal injury laws. Don’t make the mistake of considering that if it is all covered under personal injury, then the laws and regulations would be same. Every