Going To The Basics – Understanding Personal Injury Law

From accidents to animal bites, everything is covered under personal injury law. If injury is caused by negligence or malpractice by an accused, then even that would be fought under personal injury laws. Don’t make the mistake of considering that if it is all covered under personal injury, then the laws and regulations would be same. Every incidence has its own set of laws and regulations under which a judge decides and presides over. You can expect the punishment and ramifications of an accident to be same as that of animal bite.

Motorized Vehicle Accident

If injury caused through any motorized vehicle, like car, bike, truck, tractor trailer, etc, then that would be a case of personal injury. Before any judgment is announcement, then condition behind the accident is considered. If proven guilty, then the defendant could be asked to pay for medical bills and any other damages caused. In some cases the other person could also for some kind of ramification for the mental stress caused due to the accident.


If you find the watch of a doctor inside your body after a surgery, that’s the case of negligence and can be filed under personal injury law. When there is any harm or injury caused by the negligence of a professional, then that can be filed under personal injury laws. Unlike an accidental case,before a negligence case is registered, a certificate of merit is required by an acclaimed professional in the same field. So like our earlier example, before the case is filed, it would be required to get evidence and support from a practicing surgeon.

Unsafe Condition

If the property has barbed wire and there is no sign and you get injured because of the wire, then that could be filed under personal injury law. If a person has dangerous plants or plants with thorns, then there should be proper signs indicating the same. And they should be easily visible, not hidden at some corner of the property.

Animal Bite

If someone’s animal bites, then the owner is responsible. Ramifications could be requested under personal injury law. But if it was caused because of your negligence then the case would not go far. To be get redemption, a dog bite or animal bite should be without warning, that is, if you are neglected a beware sign on the door, and then the animal bites then that’s not owner’s fault.

If you have suffered any of these conditions, then you should consult a personal injury lawyer to discuss the future of your case.

Meeting with an accident, slip, injury or any other harm can be really stressful and harmful for your life. Firstly you must take care of your health and activities to get back to life and then think about claiming personal injury law. However, if you are already recovered to health then there are various things you must consider to follow. These steps can help and guide you through whole process of claiming for your injuries.

The First Step:

It is really important to collect for the evidences that prove the damage caused to you. It can be something to prove who the person is or something that can show the damage.

Write down each and every thing you remember about the accident; including medical bills, wages, lost works o even your hospital visits. You can contact the witness who has observed the accident for their help. Inform the person that you may be going to file a suit on.

For filing the suit against any non- governmental or governmental individual or organization there is no specific time limit issued. You can file or inform the other person at you own time. But this doesn’t mean that you are free to file it any time say a year or two.

You need to work in a plan in accordance to claim the compensation cause once you get out of time or fail to prove the injury it’s hard to get it all back.

Claiming Against Government:

You need to take necessary steps while filing a case against government body or employee. There is a limited amount of time for compensation against government. Depending up on the strength of your case there is a limited time of 30 days to one year. And if you do not abide by these laws you may lose any compensation for your case.

You can always claim for your loss and it is fact that you may come across an attorney of your defendant. To protect your case of personal injury you need to take advice from an experienced and professional attorney. This helps you to get best of all the facts and points by your side.

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