Different types of permanent hair straightening techniques

Have you been looking for hair straightening salons in your area? Do you want to get permanent hair straightening? Well, you may love the look of sleek and needle-like straight hair. However, before you get hair straightening, it is important to know the different types.

Once you understand the pros and cons of each type, you will be able to make a much more informed decision. Consequently, the end results will not cause you to regret. Rather, you will end up looking just like a Hollywood queen!

Have you ever wondered how Hollywood celebrities rock curly hair styles one day, and then show up at the red carpet with long straight locks? The answer is hair straightening. While some hair straightening methods are temporary, others are permanent or semi-permanent.

What are the different type of hair straightening methods?

In this article, we discuss the different types of permanent hair straightening methods out there along with their pros and cons.

There are a number of different types of treatments that claim to straighten the hair. All of these treatments rely on different processing methods and chemical formulas. While some of these treatments come in the form of DIY kits, other require you to visit a hair salon. These straightening methods include:

Professional permanent straightening

A permanent straightening method involves a chemical process that modifies your hair follicles permanent. These techniques are also something used to create curls in the hair. However, at the same time, they are very commonly employed to straighten the hair too.

Usually, this type of treatment can be done in a single appointment. At most, it will take you a few hours. Though, the results may be not appealing for everybody.

Usually, this straightening method will cost in between $50 and $300 for a higher service. This will depend on the Salon that you are visiting.

DIY permanent methods

DIY permanent straightening methods involve kits with chemical relaxants. These can be bought at beauty stores or pharmacies. By using these treatments, you will be able to straighten your hair. However, those who are not trained in cosmetology will find them rather tricky to use. So, they are not suitable for a newbie.

In case you have some previous experience with chemical relaxant kits, then you shall go with this method. However, if not, we suggest you to pass this one out and rely on a professional hair straightening salon instead.

Thermal hair straightening

In thermal hair straightening, an acid based straightener is used. This straightening method requires you to spend the most time at the salon (in between five to six hours). However, with that, they also last the longest (in between six to eight months).

As a result of this, thermal hair straightening methods are quite expensive. They usually start around $250 at a low end salon and go to as high as $800 at a high end salon. Nevertheless, they give you premium results allowing you to rock the look that you want.

Ending note

All types of hair straightening methods use the very same strategy. For instance, in keratin treatment by hair stylist potomac, the stylist will apply a chemical solution to your hair. These chemical solutions change the structure of the proteins in your hair. As a result of this, the shape of your hair changes. After that, a neutralizer solution is applied which allows the hair to retain the new shape. Then, new bonds are formed in your hair allowing them to take a whole new shape. However, these processes can take several hours to work and can also be quite expensive. So, do get some professional advice before choosing one

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