Taking A Look At The Rules Of Fashionable Sunglasses

If you are one of the people that wear sunglasses you need to observe these rules for you to buy the right sunglasses, properly take good care of them and give a great impression:

Buy the right sunglasses

Different types of sunglasses are designed for different purposes. If you are attending a party, there are plenty of fashionable sunglasses that you can go with. If you are into sports such as snowboarding or running there are plenty of sport sunglasses that you can go for. For you to create a good impression you need to wear the right sunglasses for the right occasion.

When making the purchase, consider a number of factors such as the size of the units, color, face shape and many others.

Avoid wearing the sunglasses at the top of your head

While this rule has been said gazillion time, you can’t imagine the number of people that wear sunglasses at the top of their heads. People give excuses that they are only placing the units at the top of their heads for only a short while. Placing the sunglasses at the top of your head puts pressure on the sunglasses thus damaging them. If you have designer sunglasses replacing the sunglasses is expensive as you know that they don’t come cheap.

Avoid wearing sunglasses indoors

The only time you should wear the sunglasses indoors is when you have a medical condition that requires you to avoid strong light. In addition to giving the impression that you are clueless or disrespectful, wearing sunglasses indoors also makes you appear as if you are trying to hide something. The situation has great impact if you are attending a business meeting. If you have to wear the sunglasses indoors let other person know beforehand why you are wearing them. If you don’t have a medical condition, get rid of the glasses within the first five seconds of entering a building.

Take good care of sunglasses

Ray ban sunglasses and other sunglasses from popular brands don’t come cheap; therefore, you need to take good care of them to avoid replacing them every now and then. One of the easiest ways of taking care of the glasses is storing them in their cases when you aren’t using them. You should also clean them properly to avoid scratches.

These are the sunglasses rules that you should observe. When buying the units ensure that you buy them from a reputable sunglasses store.

Sunglass for Your Face – The Right Style for the Right Shape

There are numerous designs of sunglasses that you can select from. You might like to go for some that look pretty cool or unique, but then you are missing the point. Like every clothing item selected is based on the body shape and features, sunglasses should be selected based on the face cut. The layout of your face from your head to chin including cheeks defines your face cut. And for every face cut there are different sunglasses that you can select. You can go for a sunglasses for men or for women, both will have these designs to match your face cut.


The cuddly wuddly face? Not exactly! Round face is defined by curves with no or less defined angles. If you have a round face, then you should not be looking at curved sunglasses. So in a way, Rayban sunglasses of the aviator design should be avoided. You should rather look for sunglasses that have more angles so that it adds to your face. Rectangular or Square shaped sunglasses would elongate your face and make it look sharper.


Born with a strong jaw line and a broad forehead, then you definitely belong to this category. For people with square face shape, they should do what round face types shouldn’t. Go for sunglasses that have curves. That will help out to balance the sharpness of your face features. You could definitely go for sunglasses like aviators or butterflies that provide that necessary curves.


Though it might not seem so, but for people with oval features, almost any frame would look good. If you think about it, Oval shaped face would have a balance of sharpness and curves. This gives you the advantage of using any frame that you want to, just don’t go blow it up. That is, don’t take huge frames that don’t allow your symmetry to be visible.


Oblong faces are rectangular and long faces. Unlike square faces, they don’t have distinctive curves and features, but from the lookout, are more characterized than oval face and are long. Rayban sunglasses design wayfarer would look good on people with Oblong faces.  Therefore, big sunglasses would suite our face. They balance the long face feature.

These are just some of the face styles that we have discussed over here. In the styles that you we have mentioned for each face cut, you can find a range of designs.

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