How To Do Commercial Steamer Installation And Maintenance

Commercial food steamers play an important role when it comes to preparing food. There is a reason these machines are mostly found in restaurants as they help steam and prepare food within a few minutes, serving several customers at the same time. Mostly, blogs address commercial steamer repair. However, what is most often not talked about is the installation. Let’s take a look into how a commercial food steamer is installed along with other important factors such as cleaning and maintenance.

How To Install A Commercial Food Steamer?

The first thing you need to keep in mind while installing a commercial food steamer is the specifications. Food steamers vary based on the features and the tasks they can do. That said, based on the specifications, you will decide the installation location and height.

Once purchased or received, you will unbox the machine and check for damages. This is an important step as most shipped products suffer from damage and cracks while being delivered to their destination. This way, you will be able to detect any faults or cracks and claim a warranty before the unit is used.

At the same time, go through the electric specifications mentioned on the sides or rear of the machine. Communicate the information with the expert. Next, decide the location of the installation and make sure there is enough space for operating and servicing the steamer.

If your steamer comes with legs, you will need to install them. For this, you may need a helping hand. After installing the legs, connect the drain and all the other necessary cords. Make sure the steamer is placed on a leveled surface and is not tilting sideways or backward.

How To Clean A Commercial Food Steamer?

Now that the steamer is installed, you can begin using it. But it will require cleaning and maintenance. Consult the user’s manual to know the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding periodic maintenance.

Even though commercial food steamers require deep cleaning depending on the usage frequency but in the meantime, you should train your employees to look after the machine as well. Teach them the basics which include turning off the machine and disconnecting it from the main power supply before cleaning the steamer.

Never use sharp objects or chemicals that might ruin the finish of the steamer. Unclog the drain and keep the door open a little when it’s not in use.

What Are The Common Commercial Food Steamer Problems And How To Fix Them?

Even if you have purchased a brand-new commercial food steamer, let it be known that they can still encounter some problems and you should know how to solve them. For instance, you might observe that the water flows into the drain when the machine is shut down.

This means that when the steamer turned off, its valves weren’t closed. Try cleaning the valves thoroughly and see if it fixes the problem.

Furthermore, if the steamer shuts down by itself while running, it means the pressure switch has been activated. This usually takes place due to plugged steam diverters or jet tubes because of poor water conditions. As a result, the jet tubes or the steam diverter will need to be cleaned.

Do Commercial Food Steamer Problems Require A Professional?

Yes, commercial food steamers are expensive units. These machines comprise several different parts that can malfunction at any time. While some problems can be identified and fixed following simple tips, others are complicated. This means that you might end up damaging some other component while experimenting and trying to fix the issue yourself.

That said, you should always have a professional within reach in case anything unexpectedly pops up. On the other hand, you should also hire a professional for thorough cleaning and maintenance of your steamer to keep it working effortlessly for years to come.

Final Word

In the end, commercial food steamers are not that complicated in terms of installation. However, you must keep the basics right. The most difficult part is the cleaning and maintenance. It keeps your machine running flawlessly. This means that all these factors should go together when it comes to owning a commercial food steamer. For help, don’t hesitate to connect with commercial appliances repair Springfield technicians.

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