7 Reasons Of Refrigerator Cycling Too Often And How To Fix It

A refrigerator is one of the basic necessities of life and its importance is only felt when you run into issues with it. One such issue is that of constant cycling, that is the compressor restarting too soon resulting in improper cooling makes you get an appliance repair service for inspection. Here’s what may be causing it.

The fan or belt on your refrigerator’s compressor is broken

Your compressor is equipped with a small motor fan which helps to build up pressure inside of the system. Being mechanical, it is prone to wear and tear, and considering the fact that a refrigerator is something that is in constant use, without the proper maintenance, mechanical strain may eventually cause a part to break down and the fan to seize function. When that happens, the motor will have to exert itself harder causing it to cycle more frequently to reach the same pressure rating. To correct the issue, consult a professional repair person.

There is an electrical surge causing the compressor to trip

If your home experiences constant electrical surges and you have your refrigerator attached directly to the mains supply without any line conditioning or stabilizing equipment, it makes sense that the compressor would cycle frequently due to improper current supply. To correct the issue, invest in a good surge protector and line conditioning system.

The ambient temperature is too high for proper heat flow

On hotter days, your compressor will have to work extra hard in order to keep the things inside the refrigerator properly cooled. This may also be the case if your refrigerator is situated somewhere close to another appliance that gives off heat, such as an oven or a cooking range. To correct the issue, move your refrigerator so that it is not within close proximity of such kitchen appliances.

You habitually put in warm food inside your refrigerator

Putting in food while it is still warm inside your refrigerator puts unnecessary stress on the compressor, not to mention, it starts to affect the neighboring food items as heat will be compelled to flow from the warm item to the colder region until the point where the ambient temperature inside the entire refrigerator is constant. To correct the issue, let the food wait until it’s at room temperature before putting it in the refrigerator.

The thermostat in your refrigerator is not calibrated proper

In order to communicate to the refrigerator control circuitry how much cooling is needed inside the food compartment, a little apparatus known as a thermostat is used. This works like the eyes of your refrigerator, letting it know when to start and when to stop, so that the temperature inside is maintained at a constant value preset by you. If, in the event, that the thermostat stops giving the correct reading, the compressor will understandably start cycling more. To correct the issue, replace or repair the refrigerator thermostat.

Cold air keeps leaking out of your refrigerator’s doors

The door of your refrigerator has a gasket around it which helps seal the food compartment so that the cold air outside cannot escape. However, due to age or improper maintenance, the adhesive keeping the gasket glued to the door’s edge may start to come off. The result is improper seal being created when the refrigerator is closed, and cold air escaping through the resulting leaks. This means that in order to maintain the internal temperature of the refrigerator to the set thermostat value, the compressor will need to cycle constantly. To correct the issue, replace the rubber gasket around the door as soon as possible.

Your cooling fin is caked in dust hindering heat dissipation

The cooling fin on the backside of your refrigerator is designed to take the heat from inside the cooling compartment and throw it outside for efficient cooling and elongating the shelf life of food products. However, if your cooling fin is coated in a layer of dust, the heat will have no place to go, causing it to stay there and hinder the entire cooling process, which eventually simmers down to the compressor cycling more frequently. To correct the issue, clean your cooling fans regularly.

If your refrigerator doesn’t have the above issues, you should use the expertise of refrigerator repair Alexandria services to find the cause of the problem and then a long term fix.

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