A Heat Pump Troubleshooting Guide for You

Often at times, when your heat pump begins malfunctioning, thermostats are to blame. To repair a thermostat, you must give a call to heat pump repair services near your area. Similarly, problems with the furnace may have other causes.

However, a faulty thermostat is not the only cause of heat pump failure. There are plenty of other reasons too. So, if your heat pump is not working well, this article is going to be very useful for you.

Heat Pump Troubleshooting Tips

Today, we will discuss a number of heat pump troubleshooting tips that you can use to figure out what might be wrong with the device. These include:

Heat pump is not heating or cooling

The air discharged by a heat pump would not be as hot as what a gas or oil furnace may discharge. So, you cannot expect heat pumps to work like furnaces. However, right after entering your house, you should still feel a noticeable difference in the indoor temperatures.

If you feel like there is no temperature difference, then it probably means that your heat pump is not heating correctly. And of course, in winter seasons, it could be a big nuisance for most people who do not have a back-up heating option.

The thermostat, heating registers, and the pump filters are the potential candidates to blame in this case. A professional will be able to help you out better with it.

Heat pump is not running

So, if your heat pump does not even run in the first place, then chances are that the unit is not receiving a problem. The first step would be to check the thermostat. Make sure that the setting on the thermostat is right.

If you have recently installed a new thermostat, then chances are that something else is the problem. In that case, check whether your heat pump unit is receiving the required power. Sometimes, the circuits may end up tripping which causes a cut-down of electricity. So, this is the second thing that you should check for.

Heat pump is freezes

Well, it is common sight to see some buildup of ice on the heat pump when the weather is really cold. However, heat pumps also have a defrost cycle that kicks in and melts this buildup of ice. So, if you feel like the condenser of your heat pump is freezing up and the ice is not melting from the defrost cycle, turn off the device.

The first step would be to check if any air registers have blockage. Then, check the filters for any potential clogs. If there is no such problem, then call an HVAC professional to inspect your device.

Heat pump is noisy

Sometimes, heat pumps make grinding or squealing noises which indicate that there is an underlying problem. When this happens, your best bet would be to shut the equipment off and call a repair man. Otherwise, the problem (whatever it is) may become aggravated further, resulting in major faults in your heat pump.


In general, it is a good practice to get inspection from professionals every once in a while. We suggest you do this at the start of every season in order to avoid any issues mid-season, when winter is at its peak.

This way, you could enjoy your winter vacations indoors while keeping yourself fully warm. For the best results, look for the highly reputed heat pump repair Tyson’s Corner services around you. In this regard, social media is your best friend as you can read detailed reviews about different repair companies over there. For all the price that you’re paying for repair, you deserve nothing but the best!

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