What Is Considered Proper Rug Placement In A Bedroom

Rugs in bedrooms are very common and they add a lot of appeal to them. If you don’t have any idea as to where to put your area Oriental rug in your bedroom, then here are some rug placement tips.

Put It Under The Bed

One of the most common placements for the rug, if you want it in your bedroom, is to put it under the bed. The rug will act as a source of anchor and it will keep the bed from moving and slipping too much. One thing you need to keep in mind is that you need to select a rug that is a touch bigger than the perimeter of your bed. It needs to be able to peek out of the bed so it looks more symmetrical. It will also add a nice touch to your bedroom.

Put It Right On The Edge Of The Bed

If you already have carpeted floors and you don’t need a rug to anchor the bed in place, you can put the rug somewhere else as well. You can put it directly on the edge of the bed where you keep your slippers and where you climb up the bed. This is a great way to keep your feet clean and warm, especially if your floors get very cold or you don’t want to pad barefoot to your bed. It will be a nice cozy landing for your feet right when you get off the bed and start your day.

Put In The Center

You can also put the rug in the center of the place where your bed is directly at. You can place the rug with a little bit of trial and error and move it here and there until you find the perfect spot for it. Putting it just in the middle of the place where your bed is, makes the room look more dimensional and symmetrical and you will see how put together the entire place will look.

Put It Under The Side Table

If you have a working desk or a side table where you tend to do your work, then you can put the rug directly underneath the table and chair. This will, again, act as an anchor for the furniture and it will also be a great and soft place for your feet to rest on. You don’t need to wear shoes when you’re working at your desk, so you can get extra comfort when you are sitting down and getting important work done. Choose a nice patterned rug for this area as it will give a nice pop of color to the usually dull place.

Put It In Front Of The Bathroom Door

If you want, you can put the rug right in front of your bathroom door. A lot of people have small area rugs which they put in front 9f the bathroom or even right in front of the shower to make sure that their space doesn’t get dripping wet when they step out of the shower. You can do that, but you need to keep in mind the fact that you can’t use an expensive woolen rug as a source of absorbing your shower water. This will ruin the rug in no time and you will be wasting precious money. Try to go for a rug which you don’t mind getting wet and damaged.

Put It In The Middle Of The Room

Last but not least, you can put the rug in the center of your room. Rather than making your bed the main focus of the middle, make the room and its diagonals a focal point when you are choosing the center of your room. This is going to make your room look more appealing and put together and the rug will act as a piece of décor for the room as well, so it’s a win-win situation.


There you have it! These placement areas are not only great but they are also versatile and they will help to keep different furniture in place throughout your room. If you haven’t selected a rug yet, look for wholesale Persian rugs Northern VA to save money on high-quality rugs.

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