Hair Color Correction: How Soon Can You Dye Your Hair Again To Fix It

Have you made a mistake? Did you try a completely different shade on your ahir, and now you regret it? It’s okay if you don’t like the results. Now, take a deep breath first. I can understand the panic. But mistakes can be rectified gradually if not immediately. Moreover, you also have the option of going to a hair color correction specialist.

Now embrace this new change, and let’s prepare to resolve it instead of hiding your hair under wigs or hats. Well, you can do that for a few weeks.

Keep reading to know how long you should wait to re-dye your hair and what’s the whole process.

Is It Even That Bad?

Hair colors comprise chemicals. And so, coloring your hair quite often can damage them badly. Therefore, if you’ve colored your hair already and now you hate it. Don’t be too fast to re-dye it. Maybe it’s just you thinking that this change is just too much for you.

Maybe this red color enhances your skin tone; remember how Ariana Grande aced the red color (I am only assuming that you did the red color. It can be some other color too).

I suggest you take some time. Observe yourself. Sometimes it takes a little bit more to accept the new you. Also, you can ask for an opinion from your friends or your mum. But still, if your heart is not satisfied, keep reading. I’ll tell you what to do.

Prepare Your Hair First

Hah, the Hydrogen Peroxide! Excuse the dramatic me, but that hydrogen peroxide found in every hair color is ruining your hair. First, it leaves your hair dry, damaged, and stretchy. And then, you’ll experience breakage, hair fall, and split ends. Therefore, you must prepare your hair even for the first dye.

And when you’re re-dyeing hair, the need to make your hair healthy is even more. You must not color your hair if they’re dry and damaged. Instead, wait for the natural oil and moisture of hair to come back.

The best way to regain your natural hair oil and moistures up to 95% is “Coconut Oil.” It repairs the damage and makes your hair healthy as soon as possible. Try the coconut hair oil mask every night till the day you dye your hair. Also, wear a shower cap while sleeping, so you don’t get your pillow dirty.

How Long You Should Wait Before You Dye Your Hair Again

Now when you know that hair colors contain chemicals that do irreversible damage to your hair. So, you must not try to color your hair again the same day or a day after the mishap.

Wait for at least two weeks before you re-dye your hair. Or it is better to go on for weeks without coloring your hair if that works for you. First, of course, you need to make sure that your hair is healthy enough to take the chemicals.

Mistakes That Result In Color Mishaps

The undesired results can depend on many factors. Some of them are:

  • The type of dye you used
  • The health of your hair
  • And for how long you applied the color on your hair

Also, the most common mistake we make is depending too much on the color boxes. No matter how fascinating the model on the box looks, it is only marketing. I’m sure the model never actually applied that color to her hair. Or even if she did, her hair is different from yours. And that is why you’re not going to have the same ditto color.

How Can You Fix Your Hair Color Without Re-Dyeing?

First of all, let me give you a caution:

Never apply henna while trying to fix your hair because it will absorb in your hair follicles. And then, henna is even difficult to fix if something goes wrong.

Re-dyeing is most probably for the permanent dyes. But if you’ve applied semi-permanent dye. Then I guess we have an easy fixture to it. For instance, if your hair color has gone too dark, wash it for a few days with a shampoo that isn’t supposed to protect your hair color. And then, when you achieve your desired tone, protect it with hair color-protecting shampoo. And also, don’t forget to moisturize your hair.

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