Which Hair Color Is The Easiest To Maintain

When it comes to getting your hair colored, streaked, or dyed, you have a myriad of shades to choose from. The hair color and highlights you choose depend on your own choice, availability, your hair condition, the confusion that would it suit your face or not, and maintenance.

Easy To Maintain Hair Colors

You cannot single out a shade of hair color that is easy to maintain for every person. An easy-to-maintain color will be different for different people depending on their race, ethnicity, complexion, hair structure, natural hair shade, and the weather of the place they live in.

Low maintenance hair colors are those shades that match your natural hair colors and when they grow out then the line of demarcation is not remarkably obvious that you need to rush to the salon and get your roots done. When you get a different shade from your natural hair color then the dyed color will stand out after growing. Two-toned hair looks odd and hideous on some women. Imagine if you have dark black hair and you get a light shade of ash blonde, then every three months you will be sitting in the salon to hide your natural hair or when you want to finish the shade then either you will have to get it re-colored in a dark shade or let it grow which will surely not be an appealing sight.

Low-maintenance hair color for blonds will be a light or dark shade of blonde, a brunette should go for reds and Auburn, and black-haired women should go for dark shades of brown.

Basic Balayage

The Balayage coloring technique has made life easier for many women out there. It is a low-maintenance coloring technique that focuses on the ends mostly. It is a free-hand coloring in which strands are not measured or proportionated but colors are painted on your hair. The transition is from dark to light colors, so there is no noticeable difference when the color grows out. Mostly the roots are colored in dark brown which gradually lightens to caramel or dark blonde as it reaches the ends.

Dipped Tips

This is a coloring technique in which only the tips of your hair are colored, almost like 6 to 8 inches of your hair from the ends. Your roots are your natural hair so it does not matter when your hair grows.

Half Dyed Hair

This is a technique in which exactly half of your hair is colored in the shade you want and the rest half starting from the roots stays your natural shade. You can go wild and choose any color and experiment with different shades such as blondes, pinks, blues, reds, and browns.

Baby Lights

Baby lights are a great and subtle way to add color to your hair and add some depth to your hair. Fine lines of colors are added with some distance on your hair. The blending of light baby lights with your dark hair base creates a very natural look and color which does not need regular color and maintenance.

Neutral Colors

These are the safest and low-maintenance color options that are easily available, suit all sorts of complexions, and look good on every person. These colors are dark brown, light brown, dark blonde, mahogany, Auburn, ash brown, and other similar neutral shades like caramel, beige, and honey.

Streaks, Highlights, Or Lowlights Without A Base Color

Usually, hairdressers add a layer of dark base color on your hair and then add streaks, highlights, or lowlights in a color 2 to 3 shades lighter than the base color. When your hair grows, then the difference is visible between colored and natural hair. To get a low-maintenance look, go for just light or dark-colored streaks, or a blend of both, or high or low lights without the base color and they will grow out pretty naturally.


You cannot depend and decide on just one hair color and go for it. You will need to research and ask your hairdresser which technique or which color is best for your hair. This is why go to hair salons specializing in color Rockville that have experienced staff who can help you with the hair choices.

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