How To Maintain Your Commercial Deep Fryer

If you own a commercial fryer then it is very important for you to know how to maintain it. Maintaining your commercial fryer will make sure your food tastes delicious and nutritious, increase the life of your fryer, help you save on deep fryer repairs, and retain the quality for the customers who would want to return to you again and again.

Why Is Maintenance Important?

You use oil or shortening in your commercial fryer to fry various foods and vegetables. The commercial fryer is aggressively used in restaurants or by home chefs who regularly deliver food. To ensure the quality and taste of food you will need to take care of your deep fryer and other commercial kitchen equipment or else your customers would not want to consume your food. Follow these tips below and cook yummy food in your fryer and increase the life of your fryer as well.

Deep Fryer Usage And Maintenance Tips

  • The oil you use for frying should not be too hot or too cold but at an optimum temperature which is required for frying. Oil too hot will burn your food from the outside and it will be uncooked from the inside. And oil not hot will produce soggy and uncooked food. Also, very hot oil will cause it to break down and burn leading to blackened oil and steam.
  • Make sure to defrost your food before frying and shake off the ice crystals. Adding cold food will cause the oil to splatter and also cool down the oil which will not cause it to cook properly.
  • Do not fry different foods in the same oil. For instance, if you are using the oil to fry fish, then do not use it to fry chicken, meat or vegetables as the fish smell integrates into other foods.
  • Do not add salt or other seasoning on your fried food above your fryers as it will cause debris and seasoning remnants in the oil and will affect the quality of your oil.
  • Keep different temperatures for different food items. Some foods require less cooking time while some more, some need to be cooked on low heat while some are high and some foods are raw while some are precooked. So, you will need to alter the temperatures accordingly.
  • Give time for the oil to cool down after frying the food and do not keep the oil at cooking temperature throughout the day.
  • Make sure to filter your oil after you fry food which has dry crumbs as they tend to stay in the oil.
  • Invest in a commercial filtration machine which will save you time of filtering by hand and also be cost effective in the future.
  • Keep adding oil throughout the day to increase the quantity and also to add the clean oil.
  • Do not overuse the oil. When you think that you have used it too much then you should discard it as it becomes unhealthy.
  • Filter your oil through an oil filtration bag once a day to save time and cost.
  • Filter the oil once it is completely cooled.
  • Clean your commercial fryer thoroughly once a week. Drain out all the oil first. Use a soft wet washcloth and the fryer brush to scrub away the stubborn sediments and stuck food debris.
  • Wipe the tubes and the pipes as well and the drain tubes.
  • For the very stubborn grease, pour some hot oil and then scrub it away with a fryer brush.
  • Regularly clean your deep fryer because then the grease will be hardened and stacked as grime and will be burnt and then maintenance and cleaning will be difficult.
  • Do not put too much food in the air fryer at once as this will lower down the temperature of the oil and will lead to uneven cooking and too much oil absorption by the food leading to sogginess.

The Boil Out Method

Go for a boil out method at least once a week. This is a way to completely cleanse your fryer removing all the burnt oil and stubborn food sediments. You will need to follow your fryer manual step by step. You boil water in the fryer adding some cleaning chemicals to make your deep fryer as good as new. This is very beneficial for your fryer and it will make your food taste as on a new fryer.

Final Word

If you want your food business to grow and expand and your food to be the best quality wise then make sure to follow all the fryer maintenance tips listed above. And get help from commercial appliances repair services to fix any problem with your deep fryer. topac

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