Is keratin treatment worth the hype?

Keratin treatment by hairstylist is infused with some chemicals that help women with getting frizz-free and smooth hair. Conventionally, keratin treatment includes the use of keratin that is applies to the dry hair. Then, certain processes are carried out to straighten the hair and to reduce frizz.

However, note that there are plenty of other hair treatments too that are similar to keratin treatment. For instance, Brazilian blowout is one similar treatment. However, Brazilian blowout as actually just a variation of keratin treatment.

Although, Brazilian blowout is more favored for reducing frizz and smoothening the hair. Although, brazilian blowout may also straighten the hair to a good extent.

However, as a potential customer, you may wonder whether keratin treatment is even worth the hype. So, in this article, we are going to solve these concerns for you.

Is keratin treatment worth it?

Well, a good keratin treatment may cost you anywhere between $300 and go up to $1000 if you go to a luxury salon. However, even affordable keratin treatments work really well for as long as you go to a decent store.

Well, overall, for as long as you get good results, it may be worth it. But is keratin treatment worth all the potential risks? Well let us discuss that now.

Risks of this treatment

Well, sometimes keratin treatments involve the use of carcinogens such as formaldehyde, without which the treatment may be incomplete. However, scientific research has suggested that the use of such chemicals can be very harmful.

However, just getting this treatment two to three times in a year will not really do any significant damage. Still, this is one risk that we believe you should know about.

With that, many salons have come up with better alternatives that do not involve the use of formaldehyde. If you are worried about the use of carcinogens, then we suggest you look for such salons.

Aftercare of treatment

One of the most important aspects of keratin treatment is the aftercare that you will have to do. In this regard, note that the aftercare will not be as hefty as major hair surgeries like hair transplant. However, the aftercare may still be a matter of concern for many people.

For instance, right after keratin treatment, experts do not recommend taking a shower for at least 48 hours. This is because you must give the keratin time to settle down in your hair. At the same time, workout may also not be preferred if there is a chance of sweating.

Also, exposure to sunlight must also be reduced significantly. These are the major aftercare concerns that you must have.

All in all, though, keratin treatment does not damage your hair if you get it done from a reliable salon. In this regard, note that many salons use solutions and equipment’s that may not be top-notch. Of course, such equipment and low-end solutions can certainly damage your hair.

These are perhaps all the factors that you must know about related with keratin treatment and their aftercare, along with the potential risks.


Based on all the above-mentioned factors, what do you think about this treatment now? Chances are that you would want to get it done because the benefits significantly outweigh the minimal disadvantages.

If you can afford, we suggest you always go to a high-end salon for the best results. Still, many decent keratin and hair extension salons will not charge you high and will still deliver great results. However, to find such stores, you will have to scan through a lot of reviews on the internet. Furthermore, word of mouth from trustworthy people may also help. hypno

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