Top Nutrition Tips for Kids playing Basketball

Diet plan for a basketball player

In order to perform better on the basketball court a basketball player has to eat right nutrition. Optimum game performance on the basketball court requires healthy eating habits, as sufficiently fueled body has stamina and focus. Healthy eating can provide energy which is much needed to play basketball game. Just like a normal human being, basketball players have their own preferences for food and this food choice may not be healthy. But basketball players, who are willing to have a successful basketball career and a desire to play basketball for a long time, should pay special attention over their eating habits.

A Nutritional Guide for Basketball Players

A basketball player’s diet program should include adequate amount of water, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. These are 6 essential nutrients which are important from the athlete’s point of view. Now let’s discuss about the healthy sources from where these nutrition can be obtained.

Basketball players need to keep their body hydrated. That is why they should drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water every day. Generally, basketball coaches advice basketball players to drink 2 glasses of prior to basketball workout session. Players should drink water in every 30 minutes during workout sessions. According to experts- caffeinated beverage should be avoided by basketball players.

Players can obtain carbohydrates from healthy sources like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, rice etc. Carbohydrates will provide direct energy to the body. That is why players should include these healthy foods in their diet plan.

Proteins will help in building muscle mass. The diet for a basketball player should have adequate amount of protein. Protein will make them strong enough for playing basketball game. Chicken, egg and milk are healthy sources of protein. And yes, overdose of protein is not good.

Fats are important part of a well balanced diet. Obviously, over consumption of fat rich food is not good for health. Still, some quantity of fat is needed.

The body needs small quantity of vitamins too. Vitamins aid body to perform specific functions that are very essential for the right muscle and nerve development. That is why vitamins are an important part of the basketball player’s diet plan.

Understanding the role of point guard

To be a good point guard, it is really very important to understand the actual role of a point guard in the game of basketball. A point guard in basketball is usually the head of the team and has the responsibility to set up the intact offense. A point guard should have the ability to handle the ball, and at the same time he has to be efficient enough to communicate with other team members. Yes, to acquire this skill great basketball training is much needed. This article will definitely help you to become a great point guard for your team. Below are mentioned some qualities that one basketball player should have to be a successful basketball point guard.

Keys to be a good point guard

  1. Great defender: The point guard affects the game in every possible way. In order to win the game, it is very important for a point guard to be a great defender. No, you need not have to panic if you are a newbie in the game or not a good defender. To improvise your basketball skills you can join any basketball camp and get trained by professional basketball coaches.
  2. Mental capabilities: The basketball point guard should be mentally strong and confident enough to handle any sort of difficulties that may occur during the game.
  3. Good ball handler: This is the key quality that you must have if you want to be the point guard of your basketball team. You must know the trick to handle the ball. You get to learn the ball handling techniques in basketball training camps.
  4. Great three point shooter: To be the team’s point shooter grab a grip on the three point line score. This will increase your chances to be a great point guard shooter.
  5. Basketball IQ: You should know all the basics and aspects of the basketball game to become a good point guard.

You do not have to worry if you are lacking any above mentioned qualities, as you can join any basketball training camp and acquire basketball training from professional coaches to perk up your basketball skill and become a point guard shooter of your team.

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