How To Improve Your Heat Pump’s Performance?

Heat pumps are designed to keep homes warm and cozy during the winter season. Unfortunately, not many people are aware that heat pumps need maintenance to keep running in perfect condition. Some people also complain that their heat pump’s efficiency decreases after a certain period. If you want your heat pump’s performance to increase, you will need to maintain it well and carry out heat pump repair whenever required. Let’s know this in detail how to improve the performance of your heat pump.

Stop Cranking Up The Temperature

One of the most common mistakes made by homeowners is cranking up the temperature to quickly warm up the living area. Know that pumping the temperature to the 90s will certainly not help warm up the house any faster. However, it will burn more energy and lead to wear and tear.

The best way to deal with such a situation is by installing a smart thermostat. Combined with the heat pump, you will not have to adjust the temperature settings regularly. If you are living with multiple people, it is likely that everyone responds differently to the temperature settings.

Some might be able to bear the high temperatures while others will feel suffocated. Therefore, a smart thermostat made to be used with a heat pump will make it a lot easier. Plus, you can turn it on when you enter the house and turn it off while leaving to save money on electricity bills.

Maintain The Air Filters

Maintaining the air filters is important yet the most overlooked factor when it comes to improving the performance and lifespan of the heat pump. There is no doubt that air filters are fairly simple components but have a huge role to play in the indoor air quality.

Air filters act as the lungs of the device. These are designed to trap contaminants and toxicants from entering the house. This means the air you breathe inside your house is purified by the air filters before it enters the premises. That said, air filters tend to become clogged with time.

This causes poor-quality air to enter the house and causes chronic breathing problems. Therefore, you must regularly inspect and clean the air filters. Replace the air filter every time if they are disposable. Whereas, if they are washable, you can clean and reuse them for 5-10 years before needing a replacement.

Remove Obstructions

For heat pumps to work effectively and efficiently, anything that obstructs the air should be cleared. This is a common case in relatively smaller places owners tend to place furniture and other decorative items in front of the heat distribution system or vents.

This blocks the air and forces the pump to work harder than ever. Eventually, due to constant stress, the pump will develop problems and you will end up spending on expensive repairs and replacements.

Pick The Right Size

Heat pumps come in different sizes for different types of living areas. For instance, a regular heat pump will not be able to warm up a 30,000 sq. ft. property. However, this is yet another common mistake made by homeowners. Some believe that installing a smaller HVAC unit will help reduce electricity bills.

However, that is not the case. Installing the wrong size heat pump will only force it to work harder than usual which will increase the energy costs. To avoid such a case, you should always measure the dimensions of the living space where the heat pump will be installed.

If the property tends to be a two or three-story building, you will need to consider that as well. And, if you are not able to pick the right size, consult an expert.

Improve The Insulation

Your heat pump will not be of any use if your house has poor insulation. The house will simply not warm up if the warm air produced and circulated by the heat pump is escaping through the windows, cracks, and other areas. Keep in mind that a heat pump will only work effectively as long as the home insulation is good.

So, if you observe that your house is suddenly not feeling as warm as it used to, it most probably means the air is escaping. This could be a complicated situation to fix. You will have to check the vents, window seals, doors, etc. to determine the cause.

We will recommend hiring an expert to improve the insulation as they will know exactly where to look.

Schedule Expert Maintenance

In addition to inspecting and cleaning the air filters, it is equally important to schedule expert maintenance provided by HVAC companies Port Jefferson. A heat pump comprises several different parts that need to be cleaned for smooth operation. Keep in mind that several external factors can create problems in the maintenance department.

For instance, if you live in an area that experiences extreme weather conditions, your heat pump will need frequent inspection. This is because dirt and dust accumulation is relatively easy and more common. Plus, if the temperature outside is below zero degrees, your heat pump might freeze if the defrost feature fails to work.

Expert maintenance not only helps keep the heat pump clean but also identifies potential problems beforehand. This helps with timely repairs and replacements enabling you to prevent breakdowns when you need the heat pump the most.

Therefore, consult the user manual and go through the manufacturer’s recommendations. As a general rule of thumb, you should get your heat pump professionally maintained at least once a year.

Clean The Outdoor Unit

Heat pumps consist of an indoor unit (air handler) and an outdoor unit (condenser). Expert maintenance should cover both and ensure everything is working normally. The outdoor unit requires a bit more attention especially if it is surrounded by trees, bushes, and other natural items.

The reason is dead leaves, shrubs, and branches can easily end up inside the outdoor unit, especially during extreme weather conditions. Therefore, dust and dirt accumulation combined with dead leaves and such things will only worsen the situation.

Therefore, the outdoor unit should be placed at a distance and periodically inspected and maintained.

Is Heat Pump Maintenance Expensive?

A heat pump is not supposed to be expensive as long as you are getting it done regularly. This is because everything is going to be in check and the expert will not have to put in extra time and labor to clean and inspect the unit.

However, if you have ignored the heat pump for long, the expert will have to put in a relatively more amount of time and effort to get things done. Keep in mind that expert maintenance helps prevent breakdowns when the temperature outside is extreme.

The last thing you want is the heat pump to give up just at the peak of the winter season. This could turn your nights into an extremely uncomfortable experience.


Improving the performance of your heat pump is all about maintenance and looking out for any unusual signs and symptoms. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind to prevent issues. Plus, have heat pump repair services Huntington on call to thoroughly inspect, clean, and maintain the unit to avoid frustrating situations when you least expect them.

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