10 Reasons To Remove Trees In Winter

If you have a green thumb and love to plant trees and see them grow, then it’s just as important to know about their maintenance and removal during certain seasons. Winter is the perfect time to have your trees pruned or removed completely by tree cutting services and here are the reasons why you should do so.

Dormant Trees Will Fall

Winter is the time when trees can become dormant. It’s very common in pine and fruit trees. But what exactly does dormancy mean? Well, if a tree starts to lose leaves and there is no fruit or flower on it, then it means that it has become dormant.

Usually, older trees can turn dormant pretty quickly, especially when the weather starts to get super cold. So, to avoid unnecessary problems in the future and accidents that are not welcomed at all, it’s better to have the tree removed altogether. This will save you and the surroundings from a lot of trouble and it’s also better for the tree since it won’t grow leaves or fruit ever again.

So, removing it will give you more space to plant new and younger trees, that are going to sprout and grow fruit, because isn’t that what everyone wants, at the end of the day?

Visibility Is Better

Winters are bad enough, but do you know what sucks even more? Snow storms where the visibility drops to almost zero. And do you know another thing that can add to the difficulty in seeing what’s exactly in front of you? Thick trees! Yes, winters can turn extremely deadly in a matter of a few minutes and if there’s a tree smack in the middle of a road, then it’s an accident waiting to happen.

So, what you should do in this situation? Simple! Cut the tree down. If it’s an old tree that’s not serving its purpose anymore, aka no fruits and no shade, then chop it down, before it causes any more damage.

Falling Branches

With winter comes a lot of snow and if you didn’t know this already, snow can be quite heavy, especially if it’s settling on top of thin branches of the tree.

If the weight exceeds too much, then it can cause the branch to snap, and if it’s a reasonably sized branch, then you can only imagine the damage it will do if it falls on your roof or car. So, if a tree is just holding onto its last strings, then it’s better to have it removed than to have it fall on something or, worse, someone.

Just In Time For Spring Gardening

Winter is the perfect time to clean up your backyard and get it ready for spring gardening. If there are a lot of old trees in your backyard or garden, then it’s time to call in the big guys and have them chopped down. This is going to create a blank canvas for your spring buds.

Spring is also the time when new plants are brought to life. It will be great way to welcome the new season by planting young flower and fruit trees?

No Damages To The Surrounding

Falling trees are not only a hazard for your house but for the surrounding areas as well. You don’t want to see the uncontrollable branches and trunks going down and ruining things like your car, vegetable garden, or your dog house.

Dormant and old trees are susceptible to falling and if you’re not an early action taker, then you will have to suffer the consequences of the damages these seemingly dormant trees can impart. So, try to be vigilant of your surroundings, more so, if you live in an area covered with trees. If a tree is damaged, hire emergency tree services Kensington for tree removal.

Clean-Up Is Easier

You might think that winter is not the perfect season for tree removal. Well, you couldn’t be more wrong. The more snow there is, the less will be the impact of the falling tree. Snow might be a foe for a lot of people, but it’s also a saving grace for tree removal personnel.

The snow protects everything that’s on the ground from the impact of the tree and the clean-up is also a breeze since there is not a lot that needs to be dealt with.

Tree Removal Prevents Pests

Dormant trees are also the source of pest infestation. Usually, in the trunks and branches of the trees, pests, and termites can take refuge and multiply in numbers. This is bad because these things can also travel through wind or water and if there are younger trees and plants in the vicinity, then these pest colonies can cause an infestation like no other.

So, if you have a lot of trees that are getting old and there is a huge risk of infestation, then you better get them removed, otherwise pest infestation won’t be the only thing that you’ll suffer from. Lawsuits and penalties are also pretty serious problems since pest infestation is a serious violation of the environment and you will be held accountable.

Less Stressful

Speaking of clean-up, tree removal in the winter is a lot easier than that in the summer. During summer and spring, there isn’t a lot of room for the tree to fall without any problem, since it’s the peak season for planting and harvesting and the last thing you need is to have your sprouts squashed by the falling tree.

So, save yourself from the stress and do it in the winter months instead. You will be in safer waters and everything will be done in the non-sprouting season, so you’ll have all the time in the world to complete your spring gardening projects.

No Worries During Sudden Storms

Snow storms are the worst. They’re wind storms on steroids and the gusts are so powerful that they can snap trees in half and if you’re talking about trees that are old and weary, then they won’t stand a chance against these herculean gusts.

If the old trees in your neighborhood are pruned, removed, and taken care of, then you can sit back and let the storm pass by, without any problem. This is the reward of being an early planner. Amazing, isn’t it?

No Overhead Fees & Damage Repairs

Planned tree removals will cost you a lot less, and that’s a fact. If you’re having a tree removed, way before it’s time to shout “Timber”, then you’re going to save a lot more than your roof and car. If you let the tree stand for too long and wait for it to fall naturally then you better be prepared for what you’ll need to pay for, because it will be hefty.

Not to mention, calling in the tree removal expert, at the last minute, as well as paying the damage fee, will be enough for you.


Tree removal is necessary, especially if the trees are getting too old, and there’s a high possibility of them falling or becoming a hazard for the neighboring houses and surrounding properties. Plus, many tree removal companies Bethesda in winter offer deals because it’s an off-season.

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