A Guide To Dining Room Decor With Rugs

Rugs are a great addition to your room if you want something which is practical but can also double up as décor. You can go for wholesale Persian rugs to save money on home decor. Here are some amazing décor ideas for the dining room with rugs.

The Size Of The Rug

First things first, you need to decide the size of the rug which will be going into your dining room. The size of the rug is very important as you want something which is less maintenance and easy to manage and use. It should be easy to clean too. So, for those reasons, full length rugs are out of the question.

You don’t want to use full length rugs, especially in a kitchen with a dining room, because it might get dirty a lot more quickly. There will be food being spilled, splatters, etc. and washing a full length rug is a task in itself. So, area rugs are the best when it comes to ease and maintaining.

Put It Under The Table

The best orientation of the rug in the dining room is to put it under the table. The trick here is to find a rug which is slightly bigger than the perimeter of your dining room table and the chairs. The rug should peek out of the perimeter and give a nice border to the table and chairs. Using a slightly bigger rug will also make the placement very easy. Don’t go for too small sized rugs as it will throw off the symmetry.

Shapes Of The Rug

The next important thing to consider is the shape of the rug. There are so many different shapes of rugs available nowadays. Not just limited to round and square rugs, there are rectangle rugs, diamond shaped rugs and even pentagon shaped rugs. These shapes of rugs will add a lot of character to your dining room and it will look very beautiful too.

There is just something about oddly shaped rugs which brings out the style of a room even more, as compared to a normal rectangle or square rug. You will be surprised by the variety of shapes in the rugs.

The Color Scheme

After the shape of the rug, comes the color selection and patterns of the rug. You need to select a color and pattern of your rug that will look good with the rest of the décor of your dining room. This is very important as you want everything to complement each other, not throw the balance off. This is why color and pattern selection is so important. You want to select something which is neutral, but still has that appeal to it. These types of colors will bring out the beauty of the room even more.

Which Materials Are Better?

Now comes the question of what type of material you should choose for your dining room rug. Well, there are a lot of options for you here too. You can go for a thick woolen rug, a silk rug, a synthetic rug, etc. The list is long with the type of materials you can use, but something to keep in mind is the fact that thicker materials will last longer but they will be expensive too.

Synthetic materials are great on the pocket but they don’t last as long and they also bald very easily. So, go for something which will last longer and will give you a good return for the money you spent.

Other Places To Put The Rug

Another great option for placing a rug in the dining room other than under the table is putting it on the side. Under a shelf, or a bookcase, somewhere very random and sporadic. This orientation is also great and it adds a different style to your dining room and it also sets the room apart, since the decor with the rug is very unusual. If you have an extra wall to spare, then you can drape the rug as a wall décor.


There you have it! Who says you can’t use rugs as decoration, that too in the dining room? Your dining room will look like a dream with these rug décor ideas. Be sure to get rugs from reliable Persian rug stores Alexandria.

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