A Japanese Hair Straightening Guide

There are countless ways for you to straighten your hair. However, among all the different methods, Japanese Hair Straightening is a very notable method. But what is so unique about this method? And how much should it cost? These are just the few questions that many people ask.

In this article, we discuss everything about Japanese Hair Straightening that you need to know. And by the end of this article, you will feel empowered enough to take your decisions on your own.

What is Japanese straightening?

Simply put, Japanese straightening is a method that is used to straighten the hair. Furthermore, we also call it the thermal reconditioning straightening. This is one of the most popular methods that salons use to change curly and wavy hair into sleek and straight hair.

If you have ever seen straight hair that are smooth and sleek, chances are that the salon has used Japanese hair straightening. The hair on which this method is applied simply goes straight from the root to the tips without any creases.

Japanese straightening method involves the use of a derivative of glycolic acid for the treatment of hair. The prime aim of this solution is to create some disruption in the hair bonds, due to which the hair ends up being straight.

And after the application of this solution, the experts then blow-dry the hair followed by flat ironing. After the disruption of the bonds, experts then add some neutralizer so that the hair becomes straight permanently.

The reason why we call it the Japanese straightening is that somewhere in the mid-1990s, permanent hair straightening was very much common in Japan. And that is where this treatment came from.

If we talk about its history, then Los Angeles and New York city were the first cities to adopt its usage in the US.

The benefits of Japanese hair straightening

Now that we know the basics of Japanese straightening, let us look at all its benefits. These include:

Long lasting

In comparison to other hair treatments in the market, Japanese straightening tends to last much longer. So, you an enjoy its results for many months. Although we consider this treatment to be permanent, once new hair grow and replace your existing here, the results will vanish away.

However, you can safely experience the results for as long as 6 to 8 months or more.

Super straight

While other hair treatments tend to result in creases and slight curls, Japanese straightening make the hair very sleek and straight. No matter what you do, your hair strands will not become frizzy again.

Better than keratin

Well Keratin treatment is more like a derivative of the Japanese Hair treatment. Though, keratin treatments make use of keratin whereas Japanese treatment makes use of other substances. This is the major difference between them both.

Though, in comparison to keratin treatment, Japanese straightening can have more benefits. Though it is slightly more expensive especially if you go to a decent hair salon.

Ending Note

The one most important thing when it comes to Japanese straightening is the quality of the salon. In case the salon that you have chosen does not employ professional hair stylists, then you will not see the best results and your money will go to waste.

So, always choose high-end hair straightening or hair extensions salon potomac when you want to get such treatments. While top hair salons may cost you higher, the costs are justified because they give back good value to you. And since you love your hair, you cannot take the risk of getting them ruined at the hands of an inexperienced stylist.

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