Can A Leaning Tree Be Saved By Arborist Services

You love a tree that is growing straight and tall in your backyard or garden. Even tree services love a tree that is standing tall and sturdy. It shows a tree’s strength and length. But what if your perfectly straight and sturdy tree is found leaning towards one side when you wake up in the morning.

A tall and straight tree shows good growth and sturdiness. But a tree is susceptible to the hands of nature and you cannot do anything about it to avoid the scenario. Sometimes strong winds, thunderstorms, heavy rainfall and snow can all cause a tree to lean. At night you left your tree in a perfectly straight state but due to heavy storms and rainfall, your tree is leaning and you wake up to a leaning tree in the morning.

Can A Leaning Tree Be Straightened?

Now you would be thinking whether your tree can be brought back into its old state or not? Whether the tree can be straightened again or not. The answer to this question is yes if the tree is very young or a sapling. Young trees or saplings are the most prone to leaning in any sort of natural disaster or calamity as they are lighter and smaller.

They can be straightened with expert hands of an arborist. But if the tree is very big and tall and old then it will be impossible to straighten it again due to its weight and strength.

If the tree is leaning towards your home or any property then you should call in a professional tree service immediately as it might also fall and cause damage to life and property. The tree expert will check the structure of the tee.

Severe winds, rain and storms may cause the tree to become damaged or its fibers to be bent. If the fibers are not damaged and the trunk, roots and the branches are still in place then the arborist will recommend bracing of the tree and cabling. This is done through attaching a string wooden or metal brace which should be tightened with the help of a cable and gradually pulled to straighten it. This will cause the tree to become straightened again and also the branches will be supported and strengthened.

When To Remove A Tree?

If the roots of the tree have become severely damaged, for example; the tree trunk is damaged then it better to remove the tree as it will pose a threat to the environment.

Tree Is Leaning Without Any Natural Disaster

Sometimes a tree begins to lean towards one side without the occurrence of any natural disaster. In this case you ought to look at the location of your tree. If the tree is planted where there are a lot of trees or near buildings or many houses, then the tree may gradually lean overtime for better sunlight or air or the tree may lean away from the objects to avoid the crowd. This is no cause for concern and worry not as your tree is in a healthy state, just leaning for a better location. Still you need to be vigilant and make sure the lean does not increase with time.

Can A Tree Be Stopped From Leaning?

There is one way through which you can take precautions beforehand to stop a tree from leaning due to any storm or severe winds. The method is known as staking. Stakes are made of hard and strong wood or metal and should be planted at least 5 feet long. Young trees need only one stake and a guy rope only while big and heavy trees may need more stakes. You can plant the stakes on a tree till it grows big and the roots can support themselves by staking around the tree and tightening with a rope. You should leave the staking on the ground and tree in one growing season.

It is difficult to straighten a tree or to stop it from leaning as well, but with consistent effort and hard work, expert arborist services MD can easily handle the situation. For selecting the right select for your budget, go through multiple companies and select the one which offers better value for money.

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