How To Rent A Boom Lift From Crane Rentals

If you are worried about how to rent a boom lift from crane services, this guide will help you. It contains all the information and how you can choose the best boom lift for your needs.

What is a Boom Lift?

You can consider the boom lift a sort of small crane. However, it is mainly used to let a person reach the height of anything. It can be a building, a tall tower and top of a construction work. The boom lift is also called the bucket lift or bucket truck. It is very helpful when it comes to accessing something at height. The boom lifts can be grounded as well for safety and security reasons.

Types of Boom Lift

What are the different types of boom lifts? On the basis of use, there are three basic categories of the boom lift and these are given below.

1. Telescopic Boom Lifts

The telescopic boom lifts have more horizontal reach than other boom lifts. It can be extended up to 120 feet at any angle. Moreover, this type of lift is more suitable in small areas. If you have to reach something at a certain height, the telescopic boom lift is ideal. It should also be noted that this lift is better in terrain areas and when you want to access something from a short distance.

2. Articulating Boom Lifts

The Articulating boom lift is opposite of the telescopic boom lift as it does not have much horizontal reach. These lifts are used for various reasons and mostly found in industrial areas, shipyards and other places. However, they are the best lift when the area is confined and you want more movement and have to access various places within the certain area.

3. Trailer Mounted Boom Lifts

The third type of boom lifts is the trailer mounted one which is different than the other two types. It is important to highlight that trailer lifts are considered cheaper and easier to maintain which makes them more popular. These lifts can be used for a height of 50 feet. Many people prefer these cranes because they can be easily transported which is difficult in other boom lifts.

Renting Boom Lift

Many people find it difficult to decide how to rent a boom lift. As we have talked about the types of the boom lifts, it becomes clear these cranes are used for different purposes. Following are the important factors which you should understand before renting a boom lift and take them into account while renting.

  1. The height is an important factor which helps you decide which sort of lift you need. Among the types of boom lifts, you can see the telescopic lifts are best for height.
  2. Second factor is the area where you have to work. If the area is open, you will need a telescopic lift. But you will require a trailer mounted lift if the area is confined and short.
  3. Thirdly, the industry or sector is also considered when it comes to renting a boom lift. For shipyards and factories, the articulating lifts are better.
  4. Lastly, cost is another thing which you cannot ignore in this regard. If you are on budget, you should prefer cheaper lifts whereas those who are not worried about the cost can prefer any type of boom lift.
Essential Safety Tips

Consider these tips while using the boom lifts.

  • Know the Machine Well- It is important to be familiar with the machine and its various parts in order to work safely.
  • Get Proper Safety Equipment- It is always advised that you should have required equipment and tools so that boom lifts can be used without any issues. It will improve safety.
  • Take Care of the Wires- Another important thing which you must not ignore are the wires of the boom lift. Wires can be dangerous so always protect them.
  • Keep a Clear Base- The base must be clear of any material and hurdles for safe operation.
  • Hire the Trained Workers- Always work with the qualified and skilled people who ensure perfect performance.

The guide helps you choose the right boom lift in a simple way. Important types and factors which must be taken into account are included in the post. Be sure to rent from crane services VA that have been in the business for years.

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