How To Repair Chimney Mortar

If you have a Chimney and fireplace at your home then you cannot just leave it like that. You will have to take care of it and your chimney might need regular repairs. Once people install a chimney they think that it is now for lifetime and does not need any attention. However this is not true. One chimney repair that you might need many times and can also do it yourself is to repair your chimney mortar.

Things You Will Need

  • Spade
  • Wet travel
  • Mortar mixture
  • Safety glasses
  • Gloves
  • Face mask

Assessing Your Chimney

The first step is the assessment of your chimney. You have to thoroughly check your chimney from the inside and the outside for falling mortar from the joints, for rubbery and soft mortar and for places where there is no mortar. Soft and rubbery mortar indicates that it has become loose and can fall off at any point. Check even the smallest of the joints.

The mortar filled and sealed in your chimney joints prevents dangerous gases from escaping and also prevent fire accidents. If at any time you notice fallen mortar or loose mortar you need to take immediate action by repairing it yourself or hiring a chimney company. Remove all of the loose mortar as you do not want the old mortar to get mixed with the new one.

The Mixing

Here you need to make sure of one thing that you cannot buy just anymore chimney mortar from the market, but you will need the specialized mortar used for chimney and fireplace. The mixing is the most important part, pay close attention to the instructions and follow as it is. If your mortar mixture is runny or extremely thick then you would not be able to seal or repair your chimney joints. Your mortar consistency should be like a dough, more specifically a cookie dough. You have to keep on mixing till you get this kind of consistency.

Once you get the perfect mixture you can start with the filling and spreading process. One thing you need to keep in mind here is that you do not have to stop churning your mortar mixture because spreading will take time and when you stop churning, the mixture will begin to dry and harden which will then lead to uneven application.

The Filling And Spreading

Before starting with this step you need to wear your gloves, safety goggles, and your face mask, because the mortar can go into your eyes, face and nose which can be dangerous. Inhalation of the mortar is also not good for health. Now just pick up your spade and load mortar mixture in it and start to fill and spread. You do not want to seal the holes but actually fill in the holes and cracks and then seal it. So you need to make sure that you fill ample mortar in the joints and spaces.

Cleaning The Residue

The mortar can be hard to remove once it has dried because it becomes hard. When you apply you tend to apply all over the place which leaves a mess and a residue surrounding the hole. Keep a towel dipped in hot water by your side to clean the excess residue of the mortar. Hot water things out the mortar causing to be cleaned and removed easily. Once this is done you need to leave your mortar for drying.

Repairing your chimney mortar is an easy task but you just need to be sure of your mortar mixture. When it is dried up you need to seal your chimney with a chimney cap to protect it completely.

Your chimney is an important part of your house and not repairing it may lead to dangerous fires and accidents so always keep a check on it and repair it whenever needed.

We know that not everyone has the time and energy to do chimney repair themselves. That’s why there are chimney services that provide chimney inspection and repair at affordable prices. For choosing the right chimney contractor Columbia MD, make sure they have previous experience. Furthermore, get quotes from multiple companies to have the chance to get the best deal and save money. The right time for repairing your chimney is summer, but if it’s an emergency, you can do it in winter too.

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