How To Install A Fiberglass Pool

Fiberglass pools are cheaper than concrete pools and are installed more quickly. If you’re considering a fiberglass pool, you may want to know how the installation works before you consult a pool builder. Therefore, read below the process of fiberglass pool installation.

Site Prep

The first step is to select the position of the pool. You should factor in the fact that the pool should get sunlight. The best location for a pool is the highest so rainwater doesn’t cause problems.

Mark the site where the installation will be done. Then you should dig a hole that is at least one foot bigger than the dimensions of the ordered fiberglass pool. Moreover, the hole should be 2 inches deeper than the pool’s depth.

Creating A Concrete Base

Fiberglass pools have many benefits but they are weaker compared to concrete pools. Therefore, they should have a concrete base to prevent cracks in the pool surface and have a solid foundation for the pre-fabricated pool to sit on. The concrete base is usually 3 inches in height.

Some contractors, make a sand mattress by using 2 inches of sand between the pool and the base. On the other hand, many contractors use 2 inches of gravel as a base for fiberglass pools. You should discuss with your contractor which option is better for you.

Pool Delivery

Your pool will be delivered to your place ready for installation. Your contractor may visit your place and check the prep work and prepare a plan for pool installation. Pools arrive in a truck made for delivering pool shells.

Placing And Fitting The Pool

The fiberglass pool shells are lifted and moved using cranes. So, a crane will lift and put in the hole made for the pool. this should be done carefully so the pool perfectly goes in the hole without cracks or damage.

The contractor will install a sump line at the end of the shell for balancing hydrostatic pressure or the pressure of water on the walls of the pool. The process from the excavation to this point can take 1-3 days.

Backfilling And Adding Water

The hole dug for fiberglass pools is kept bigger than the size of the pool. When the pool shell is placed in the hole, you should perform backfilling. It involves filling the gap between the pool shell and the walls of the hole.

Moreover, the pool shell is filled with 6 inches of water as well during this process. Keep in mind that gravel and sand are used for backfilling the bottom parts of the whole shell. Usually, contractors suggest 6 inches of sand and 6 and a half inches of gravel.

This process is done carefully to ensure that the pressure on the inner and outer walls of the shell is equal. So, the contractor will add 6 inches of gravel and then 6 inches of water. The process will keep going until the pool is backfilled and the inside of the pool is filled with water.

Plumbing And Electrical Installation

Plumbing and lighting are installed after backfilling and adding water. PVC pipes will be added and tested for leaks.

The plumbing system should have a pool filter for removing debris from the pool and a pool pump for circulating water through the filter. The filter is for small debris. If you find large pieces of debris, you will need to manually remove them.

Pouring Concrete Around The Pool

If you want a concrete deck, the process of pouring concrete will start. The whole process can take up to 3 days including the curing of concrete. During this time, the team pool installers will clean up the place and make sure that all the features are working.

Pool installation requires heavy equipment access so make sure that the location of your home and the location of the pool within the house doesn’t restrict cranes, trucks, and other machinery. Moreover, the timeline of pool installation can be affected by unexpected weather conditions or unforeseen complications.


Fiberglass pool installation is quicker in comparison to concrete pools and it also costs less. For quick installation without errors and problems, get in touch with experienced pool contractors Long Island.

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