Will humidity affect your aid conditioner efficiency?

If there is anything that is worse that a dry hot summer day, is a humid hot weather. Due to humidity, you are likely to feel hotter. Without a doubt, humidity is bound to make you even more uncomfortable. Hence, there is no surprise that humidity can also have a significant impact on the cooling efficiency of your HVAC system. This is why many people call HVAC Contractors during the humid months in order to get it serviced for better efficiency. With that, humid weather is also bound to affect the heating efficiency of your HVAC system.

For instance, when there is a high level of humidity in the house, achieving the optimum level of comfort is harder. Hence, a big number of high-end HVAC systems come with dehumidifiers and humidifiers, in order to keep the relative humidity balanced.

The effect of humidity on HVAC efficiency

In case you are wonder how humidity can have a direct impact on the efficiency of your HVAC systems, you’ve landed at the right spot. In this article, we will discuss everything that you need to know regarding this.

How will humidity affect air conditioning?

Air conditioners work by removing excess amount of moisture and heat from the indoor air. In case there is a high level of humidity inside your house, your air conditioners will have to work much harder. In case your system does not have a high cooling capacity, it will actually struggle to cope with the difference in humidity. Hence, you may not be able to achieve the right level of comfort inside.

Theoretically speaking, it is possible for air conditioners to remove some level of moisture in the indoor air. However, when there is a spike in the humidity levels in the air,

What are the signs of high indoor humidity?

The signs of high indoor humidity include clammy and moist air. This can make your skin feel clammy especially when you are sitting inside. Furthermore, it also include foggy windows. These are a result of water vapor getting vaporized on your windows after getting bottled up inside your home.

Nevertheless, it is important to note that humidity basically cancels out the effects of air conditioning in your home. This is because humidity works against the effect of cooling. In case there is a high level of humidity indoors, your house will feel much warmer than it is. Hence, you may have to keep your air conditioning unit running for a much longer period of time. Hence, you will be paying higher than usual to cool your house to the required temperature.

Effects of humidity on heating

Where on one hand, high levels of humidity cause havoc during the cooling season, a low humidity level makes it harder to heat a space during winters. So, humidity affects heating efficiency in the same way as it affects cooling efficiency.

The best way to keep the humidity levels in check is to buy a humidifier to deal with the low levels of humidity. Alternatively, you can also buy HVAC systems that have humidifiers installed within them. This will make it easier for your air conditioner to work.

Ending note

Humidity can actually wreak havoc on both heating and cooling, depending on its level during the heating and cooling season. In case you want to avoid this, make sure that you have a humidifier installed. Alternatively, keeping your HVAC unit in top shape will also help in combating the effects of humidity. You can do this by calling in AC repair services Chantilly after every few months for inspection. This will not cost a lot, and will actually help you achieve better HVAC efficiency.

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