5 Reasons To Install A Pool Fountain

Backyard swimming pools used to be exclusive to only the rich. But these days, almost every average homeowner can afford to have a pool in their backyard. You need some space and budget ad the help of an affordable swimming pool builder to build a pool.

Many people these days have pools in the backyards of their houses, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they can afford to make a great looking waterfall like a swimming pool to realize their dream. While pool upgrades can really be very expensive, you can install a fountain in your pool to get a sleek look at an affordable price.

While pool fountains really look good, they add functionality to your pool as well. Here are some of the best benefits of investing in a pool fountain.

  1. A Fountain Can Keep Your Pool Cool

One of the main reasons why people build pools in their property is because they want to cool off by swimming in the pool in the hot summer season. A warm pool can ruin your experience as it’ll feel just like a bathtub. However, aeration can help cool your pool down in the summer season, and a pool fountain can provide the needed aeration to keep your pool cool.

Hot pool water goes through the fountain and is sprinkled into the air. This introduces lots of oxygen into the droplets of water and makes them cool. You can leave the fountain on your pool running, and it’ll keep the pool water temperature at least 3 to 5 degrees cooler as compared to the environment. More pool fountains can decrease your pool water’s temperature even further.

  1. Fountains Keep The Pool Water In Circulation

If you want your pool to stay hygienic and healthy, you must take measures to keep it clean. That’s why every pool owner needs to add sufficient chemicals in their pool, and keep the water filters clean for a smooth flow of clean water.

Installing a pool fountain can help you circulate the chemicals in your pool effectively and quickly. This keeps dirty things from growing inside your pool. You might think that you have a pool pump for that function, but a pool fountain can be even more helpful than a pump. Again, more than one pool fountains can be beneficial in this scenario as well.

  1. They Can Help Lessen Your Stress

While we humans love water in every shape and form, there’s something special about listening to the sound of waves smoothly flowing on a beach. While pool fountains can’t provide you with the sight of a beach, they still can help reduce your stress level.

You might not believe this, but listening to the sound of water flowing and flowing down has been proven to help reduce stress level in humans. So, you can add a fountain to your swimming pool and enjoy its stress reduction benefits.

  1. They Allow You To Have Fun

Seeing the water scatter into the air and then come back down into the swimming pool is an admirable sight both for kids and adults. Kids are the ones which enjoy this effect the most. So, why not install a fountain in your pool and make it a perfect outdoor spot for your kids to have fun?

You can enjoy all sorts of splashing water and pool rainbows when you have a pool fountain in your house.

  1. They Look Great

Pool Fountains always look great on pools. That’s why they are also used in most of the decorative pool setups in front of buildings and on the sides of roads as well. Some pools make people stop and admire their beauty before continuing on to their journey. You might also be looking to install a pool fountain in your pool for that very reason.

So, spend some money on a pool fountain, and enjoy all the benefits it comes with in addition to its stunning looks. Kids, in particular, love pool fountains as they love seeing water splashing into the air. With this setup, you can have fun with your family in the summer, and can also throw parties in your backyard with the ambiance and setup in place. That’s how you get value from the money you spend on getting a pool fountain installed. Get it made during pool installation and you may be able to talk the pool contractor Long Island into giving some discount.

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