How To Check HVAC Problems

Just like other electrical components in your house, HVAC systems can also sometimes develop problems. Since HVACs tend to be a bit complicated especially for a layman, it is important that you are aware of the basics so that you can check for problems before you call an AC repair service. In this article, we are going to share a list of HVAC problems that can be easily diagnosed and probably fixed as well.

Check The Breakers

If you turn on your HVAC unit and observe that it fails to turn on, you might want to consider the breakers as the culprit. If your HVAC unit fails to turn on, it means that it is not getting power. Therefore, considering that the main source of power is the circuit breaker, you should check if the switches are flipped and turn them on.

It might also be that when you turn on the switch your HVAC might run for a few minutes until the circuit breaker shuts it off again. In such a case, you might want to check the fuses. However, since it involves electricity you should consider consulting a professional as well.

Check The Air Filter

Ignoring replacing the air filter is a grave mistake. There are some things that will work for a while without having to maintain them but air filters do not hold back when it comes to damaging the HVAC units. Air filters are designed to keep the air quality optimum and allow the unit to breathe. If they are clogged, the unit will have to work harder to distribute air inside your house and your family will be exposed to harmful contaminants as well.

Therefore, it is important that you check the air filter from time to time especially when it comes to living in a dusty area. You might want to check the surroundings as well. If there is a lot of dust and debris around the unit, you might want to clean it so that any potential harm can be avoided.

Check The Outside Unit

The outside unit is as important as the inside unit. It contains components such as the fans and condenser etc. Since the outside unit is exposed to different weather conditions on a regular basis, it takes the most beating. And while it is out in the open, it will catch a lot of dust and debris as well. This is why you need to attend the outside unit as well.

If your HVAC unit is throwing warm air or not cooling, you might want to check it for a refrigerant leak or damaged fan blades. Although you can easily spot a leak and damaged fan blades, fixing such problems on your own might not be possible. Therefore, it is better that you call a professional.

Check The Vents

The vents play an important role when it comes to distributing cool air inside the house. Although the vents tend to be tough and rigid and made to last long, they hardly crack or become damaged.

However, sometimes rodents and some shoddy jobs can lead to the vents being damaged. As a result, cool air will escape even before it reaches your house. Soon you will observe that the interior of your house is not feeling cool although the HVAC unit has been running for a while. This is where you check the vents for any cracks or leaks. Repairing or replacing the vents is not an easy job. It requires special tools and equipment and for that, you will need to call the professionals.

Regular Maintenance

Another great way of checking your HVAC unit for problems is through regular maintenance. There is a reason every manufacturer recommends annual maintenance. HVACs like many other household items need maintenance. You need to check for accumulated dust and debris while inspecting for any refrigerant leaks as well. If you have an older HVAC, the chances of leakage are comparatively more than a new unit.

However, you need to remember that regular maintenance should only be carried out by professionals. They will check the system thoroughly for any problems and fix them before the unit is harmed or leads to expensive repair bills down the road.

Final Word

This article aimed to discuss how you can check your HVAC unit for problems. Considering the tips mentioned above, you should perform a thorough checkup to diagnose a particular problem and maybe call HVAC repair services Vienna to solve them.

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