How To Choose Tents For Your Outdoor Wedding

Everyone wants their wedding day to be unique and special. There’s nothing wrong with going out of the box and trying something different from a traditional style wedding. In the list of non-traditional ideas, you can add an outdoor wedding plan. It gives you a variety of additional choices that in-door marriages lack. Moreover, you’re free to add your creativity and bring your fantasy to life. But as it is your big day, you can be confused about where to start. Well, you should start with basic and necessary stuff. Choosing the right tent by exploring wedding tent rental packages is a high-priority task, and you should do it first. The hunting-task of a good tent is a complete challenge. And, it takes a fair amount of research to find a suitable tent. You have to take into account all the aspects regarding the type of location and your choice.

It’s your big day, so you probably have some expectations regarding the wedding décor. Tents provide you with a variety of location options and protect you from extreme weather conditions. There are endless décor options with tents. It’s all about how you craft your vision. Read on to know how you choose a perfect tent for your outdoor wedding.

You Must Know What You Want

In order to choose something, you must be crystal clear about what you want. For instance, do you want a transparent tent? Or a pole tent? The choice is yours. Plus, you can decide according to the weather conditions of your location as well. The décor, flooring, and the type of tent all depend upon your location, weather, and time of the year. Depending upon your site, you must check what kind of tents are allowed in your area. Moreover, choosing the exact style of your choice becomes less-daunting when you know the answer to “when and where.” So, decide the location and the time first; it’ll make your choosing step easy.

Types Of Tents

After selecting the time and the location of the event, then comes what style do you want? There are several options in tent styles, which add a variety to your wedding. It is such an overwhelming experience to have a number of fascinating options to choose from. So, to make it easy for you, I have divided the options into three different types.

Frame Tents

If you’re searching for a tent to set up your outdoor wedding on some hard surface, then frame tents are your way to go. Plus, they fit into tight places, so you can use them around your limited space venue as well. Frame tents come with clear tops as well. So, they’re the best for spring or fall weddings. Well, clear top tents are a perfect choice for every season. They allow you to cherish the beauty of nature. And, the best time is when the sun sets and the stars appear on the roof of the sky. Who would not want to dance under the stars?

Pole Tents

If you want a classic yet elegant look, then you should go for pole tents. They are one of the famous traditional wedding tents that provide you with beautifully decorated mountainous ceilings. You can embellish the ceiling with floral chandeliers, hangings, and lanterns. With their white color and beautiful decorations, they give esthetically elegant looks. Pole tents are best for the venues where you can stalk in the poles, such as gardens and wildflower fields. The only thing you have to consider before assembling the tent layout is the placement of your tables, dance floor, and bar.

Sailcloth Tents

Structurally these tents are the same as pole tents. But, they give a different vibe as they let in a soft amount of light and offer you a perfect glow for the pictures. Plus, these tents use wooden poles and are best for seaside weddings.

What Size And Color?

Quickly covering the conversation, now, it comes to what size and color do you want? As I mentioned earlier, the choice is yours. There’s nothing terrible about selecting a bigger tent than your requirement even if it’ll be more comfortable for your guests. Go to reliable wedding tent rentals Northern VA for clean, durable, and beautiful tents.

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