6 Tips For Planning A Barn Wedding

Many couples choose to host a barn wedding because it can provide a rustic and unique vibe. Barn weddings can be cozy and laid back or big and bold. A barn wedding can be tricky to plan because a barn is not a usual wedding venue, you will need the involvement of wedding tent rentals, florists, decorators, caterers, and others to make the barn a beautiful and inviting place. Keep the below tips in mind for planning a barn wedding.

Location Of The Barn

If you’re renting a barn, you should think about how easy it will be for your guests to reach the venue. Make sure that you choose a barn from where access to major roads and train stations is easy otherwise, you should consider sleep arrangements for guests who may want to stay for the night. If this is the case, try to keep the barn and the accommodations for guests near each other.

On the other hand, couples who want to hold a wedding in their own barn may have the advantage that most guests will know the location, and the accommodation of guests may be easier as well.

Take Care Of The Accessibility Details

Barn weddings are picturesque, but you should make sure that your guests shouldn’t have a problem accessing the venue because the area surrounding a barn can be muddy or rocky. The ground should be wheel friendly so vehicles can be parked and people with disabilities can attend your wedding in their wheelchairs.

Create A Checklist Of Items Needed

As a barn is an empty space with walls and a roof, you are responsible for arranging everything similar to an outdoor wedding venue. Create a checklist of all the items you will need for transforming the barn into a wedding venue.

You will require tents, chairs, tables, dishes, linens, catering, etc. Moreover, your barn may also need a power generator for lighting, sound, and other purposes. Additionally, before starting anything, you should consider a cleanup of the barn by using a commercial cleaning service.

You can take help from the venue manager if you’re renting a barn because they already have a list of items required. Moreover, they can also recommend services and rentals that can help you in the process. If you’re confused, consider consulting a wedding planner.

Mind The Bugs

Bugs can cause problems for your guests and can distress your wedding if you’re going to choose a barn as the venue. So, create a plan for bugs to they don’t get any chance to ruin your wedding day.

Use citronella candles and set them up around the barn for protection against bugs. Moreover, keep buckets of bug spray in accessible places like the entrance of the venue and bathroom so guests can use them to fight against bugs.

Moreover, your first priority should be to avoid this from happening when guests have to deal with bugs. For this, be sure to spray the whole venue with bug spray a day before the wedding.

For more protection, get advice from someone who lives in a similar area so they can give the right ideas to deal with bugs.

Prevent Weather Problems

Barns can hold heat in the summer so they can be hot for guests. To keep your guests from being uncomfortable with the heat, make sure to have a lot of big fans installed.

Moreover, barns can be cold in winter because they are not properly insulated. You can use heaters and establish a dress code according to the weather so your guests enjoy the wedding ceremony rather than dealing with the cold.

Decorate The Barn

For many couples, it can be the most interesting part of hosting a wedding. Barns allow you to couple a picturesque location with the style and theme of your choice so you can put a personal stamp on your wedding and make it yours.

You have unlimited options from themes to lighting so explore the options and use your imagination and help from an expert.


Using a barn as a wedding venue enables you to use the rustic setting and couple it with creative décor and themes. Work with wedding party rentals Rockland NY to set the style you want for your barn wedding.

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