6 Team Building Event Ideas

Coming up with a strong team is as important as producing surprisingly good results. Building a strong team does not just require hiring people with a long list of accomplishments, you need to develop a compatibility and affinity among your team. Here’s some team building event ideas recommended by event planners and party rentals you can use to come up with a really strong and unified team.

Make a schedule for regular lunches and hangouts

If you really want your team members to enjoy working under your supervision, you should not burden them with work and only work. You should take them out for lunch as frequently as you think you should. It is really important for you to realize that all work and no fun can make Jack a dull boy. Therefore, you should give your employees an opportunity to interact with each other on a personal level. And, such interactions should not happen once in a blue moon, they should take place oftentimes. On top of that, what could make such interactions more interesting other than good food, of course? Delectable cuisines with a calm and enjoyable ambiance can really top it up.

Start a weekly happy hour tradition

Since you can’t throw outdoor parties every month, there should be at least one hour of every week dedicated to fun activities carried out at the office rooftop. This fun hour can help your employees do away with all the stress they have been accumulating in their heads all week long. It should be planned on the last day of the week so that your employees can go home with a mind sans any baggage in it. After all, it is utterly important for your employees to have a good time with their family on the weekend. It’s not good for their health if they take home any baggage.

Throw a scavenger hunt

Sure, office work can be interesting and challenging at the same time but if you do the same thing over and over again, it will eventually become exhausting. To do away with the burn, you need to make your employees indulge in some fun activity that also unties the knots in their minds. And, what could be more enthralling and appealing than a scavenger hunt? If you make your employees go on a scavenger hunt, not only will their team bonding grow stronger, it will also give their brains an exercise apart from work.

Do not forget their birthdays

Birthday celebrations are a very personal way to make someone feel special. If you consider them to be your family, you should make a book for their birthdays. Of course, every day is going to be someone’s birthday. Now if you start gathering the whole company for birthdays, every day will be a party and the ambience of a workplace will be ruined. It should be done department-wise, therefore. Every single department should celebrate their hardworking staff members’ birthdays. A small celebration is certainly enough to make your team’s bonding skyrocket.

Create a social media group and have all of them on it

Let’s think of making a virtual water-cooler. Yes, a water-cooler is where all the gossip used to take place in high-school, remember? You need to come up with a platform that is informal and interactive. Your employees would definitely get fed-up of all the pressure that keeps mounting with the deadlines nearing. There should be a place that can rescue your employees from breaking down or panicking. It is incumbent on you to take care of your subordinates in the time of need. When they feel like taking a break from work, there should be an escape route at their fingertips.

Invite them over for a meal you cooked yourself

Bring your employees closer to you. Don’t let them feel ousted in any way. They are your kith and kin and they should be made to feel it. Tell them how much you care by extending some tiny yet meaningful gestures. Invite them over to a dinner party and prepare the meal yourself. If the staff is huge, you can obviously hire some aides on a temporary basis. Lead your team this time too. You are the boss, so you already know how to do it — doesn’t matter if it’s a kitchen or an office. If you want to make it outdoors due to covid restrictions, cook something delicious, hire event rentals Rockland NY and decorate the area, and invite the team.

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