How To Stop Your Hair From Frizzing In The Humidity

The summer season is the biggest foe of your hair especially when summers are accompanied by humidity. The moisture from the hot air sticks with your hair causing them to lose its pattern and leading to fly away hair aka frizzy hair. But hey, despair not, as there are many ways to combat frizz during the hot summer months. You can get hair treatments from a Brazilian blowout salon or perform these yourself.

Why Your Hair Gets Frizzy In Humidity

Humid air has a large number of hydrogen bonds. These bonds get fixed to your hair increasing the overall hydrogen bonds causing hair to bond in itself which causes hair to become frizzy. All types of hair become frizzy but curly hair and chemically treated hair become more frizzy and dry due to overexposure to harsh chemicals and treatments.

Also, porous hair gets drier and frizzier. You can check the porosity of your hair by dipping a strand of hair in a glass of water. If the water drowns then it is high in porosity.

Use The Correct Shampoo And Conditioner

Your hair has its type. Curly and wavy hair is prone to more frizz due to its structure whereas straight hair gets less frizzy. If you have chemically treated or colored hair then it will get more frizzy and dry due to the chemicals applied to your hair. So, you will need shampoos according to your hair, but make sure they have the properties of hydration and nourishment.

Your hair loses its natural moisture due to humidity and thus dryness takes over leading to frizz. Shampoos with hydrating ingredients will give moisture and nourishment to your hair.

Deep Conditioning Treatments

Go for deep conditioning and protein treatments once a week or better yet every 15 days. Salons will strip you out of your money for these treatments, so it’s better to purchase good-quality conditioning masks and apply them to your hair.

Leave it for 45 minutes to an hour and then wash it off. For best results, wrap a hot towel on your hair after the application so the treatment penetrates your hair shaft and conditions and repairs from within.

Your hair will be soft, nourished, fuller, healthier, and frizz-free. Always apply treatments on clean and washed, damp hair. Applying treatments on dirty and dry hair will not help it in nourishment and hydration.

Air-Dry Whenever Possible

We know you love the sleek ironed hair or the bouncy blow-dried look but too many heated tools can make your hair brittle, dry, and more frizzy and there will be more flyaways when you go out in the humidity. Give your hair rest and healing and let them dry naturally.

Heat Protection Spray

Sometimes, you have no option but to use heated tools. In that case, use heat protective sprays to slay the heat. The spray will form a layer on your hair and protect your hair from the heat of the dryer or iron.

Use Frizz-Free Serums

Serums are the best product on which you should splurge. They are silicone-based and form a coating on your hair. After a shower, apply 2 to 3 drops of a frizz-free serum on damp hair. Rub your hair hands and start from the ends and work your way up. Do not apply near the roots or your hair will look oily. Do not apply more than required because then it will weigh your hair down. The serum will make your hair manageable, tangle-free, shiny, and keep hair frizz at bay.

Oil Your Hair

Oils are the best food for your hair. Go for naturally extracted pure oils and give your hair the much-needed pampering and massage. You can even go for a mixture of 2 to 3 oils and heat and apply to your hair and massage well. Either wash it in 1 hour or leave it overnight. You will love the texture and softness after washing your hair.

Get A Keratin Treatment Done

Keratin treatment is a lifesaver. Your hair is made up of the protein keratin. Over time, due to environmental damage and chemical damage, the hair loses its protein keratin and turns dry and damaged. Keratin treatment is the application of keratin on your hair which causes your hair to become frizz-free and easy to manage and style and hair become healthier.


Your hair is half of your personality. Beautiful hair will make you more confident and you will love yourself so take care of your hair. Look for keratin treatment salons potomac for permanent and semi-permanent hair straightening.

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