Orthopedic Doctors’ Advice – 5 Signs You Need Elbow Surgery

Elbow pains are one of the worst pains in the history of orthopedics. Sometimes, the pain can be very much which can lead your orthopedic elbow specialist to suggest you a surgery. But with every surgery comes a lot of questions from the patient’s side? Here are some signs which show that you need elbow surgery as soon as possible.

When Non-Surgical Methods Don’t Help You Anymore

When you come at appoint where you have tried every single non-surgical procedure, whether it be taking a lot of pain medications, or trying physical therapy, and you are unable to find some peace from the growing pain, then elbow surgery becomes necessary. Having a surgery done is better than to live each hour in excruciating pain. Although, after the surgery, you might still feel the pain linger, but it’s nothing a good old painkiller can’t solve. Make sure you are not putting yourself through pain every day, in hopes that your elbow might get better. Elbow injuries can be treated by physical therapy and medications, but as a person grows older, the body loses its natural healing mechanism and you need external help, also known as elbow surgery.

If You Are Unable to Move Your Elbow

This is a sign you must look out for. If you have injured your elbow, and have gone through your pain medication course, but after some time, you begin to be unable to lift your arm or unable to move your elbow, then it is a sign, clear as day, that you need an elbow surgery. Inability to move your arm because of your elbow can lead to permanent freezing of your arm and in worst cases, loss of sense in the arm, because there may be a vein or nerve, that is under pressure because of the impact and that’s preventing you from moving your elbow. If you feel like this, then you have no time to lose. See an orthopedic surgeon immediately and get a day booked for your surgery.

If You Feel Pain in Weathers Besides Winter

In winters, a lot of people with bone problems will experience a lot of pain. But one alarming signal is feeling pain in weathers other than winter. If you feel a lot of pain in your elbow, even when it’s hot and humid, then it might be an issue. Your bone or joint might be displaced and you have to get it checked. If the issue comes out, and your doctor prescribes you elbow surgery, then you have to go along with the plan.

If You Keep Doing Harsh Activities

If your elbow is already injured, and you decide to go in super work and hustle mode, then you might be making matters worse for yourself. In order for an elbow to heal completely, you need to make sure you are relaxing your tendons a much as possible. Tendon relaxation can take up to 8 to 12 months, but your elbow will be healed if you are patient and persistent. You will not be able to heal your elbow if you keep doing super work-heavy stuff, which puts stress on your arm. It is important to let your arms fully rest and let the body do the healing work itself for as long as possible.

Elbow Surgery Is an Invasive Procedure

Elbow replacement surgery is not a piece of cake – for both the surgeon and the patient. It is a very invasive and painful procedure and the post-surgery period is also very difficult. After the elbow surgery, there may be complications like infections, increased pain, numbness in the hands, not being able to use your hand for a while, etc. which is why doctors tend to delay this invasive procedure as much as possible and try non-surgical methods to relieve the patient from pain, like physical therapy and giving routine pain medications. But If all methods fail, then the doctor and the patient both have to swallow the harsh pill of going through the procedure of elbow surgery.

There you have it! This guide will help you to come to an important conclusion whether or not you need elbow surgery. Don’t forget to get opinion from orthopedic surgeons Woodbridge.

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