What Can Go Wrong With An Electric Furnace

Electric furnaces are not only designed to keep your house warm but also utilize energy in an effective manner. However, similar to other household appliances, your electric furnace could also experience some problems. While some are easy to fix, others may require a furnace repair technician. Regardless, here are some common issues that you might face with your electric furnace and how you deal with them. Let’s begin!

Clogged Furnace Filter

A clogged or blocked furnace filter is one of the most common issues. Even though it is a part of regular maintenance and goes a long way in ensuring smooth and effective running, but homeowners mostly ignore it. Air filters only allow dust-free air to your house to give you clean indoor air quality.

Ignoring to clean or replace the air filter will expose you and your family members to harmful contaminants, which might lead to chronic respiratory problems. Therefore, every manufacturer recommends replacing the air filter at a specific interval.

In addition to that, if the air filter remains clogged, the unit has to work harder as it becomes congested and struggles to distribute air. In the worst-case scenario, it might also lead to a fire. Therefore, make sure that the air filters are replaced when due.

Loose Wire

You might have observed that an electric furnace while running tends to vibrate. Over time, this can cause the internal wires to become loose. As soon as the internal wires become loose, it will cause your electric furnace to short cycle, leading to inefficient and ineffective heating inside your house.

Plus, locating the loose wire may be a bit tricky but fixing it will most probably solve the problem. To ensure that such situations do not arise in the future, make sure that your furnace receives regular tune-ups.

Bad Blower Motor

An electric furnace comprises different components that work together to produce and distribute hot air. One of those components is the blower motor. If it were to malfunction, the unit will not be able to distribute hot air inside the house.

There could be several reasons contributing to this issue. It might be that the fuse is blown. Plus, negligence in terms of maintenance also plays a huge role in most blown blower motors. The reason is that dirt and dust accumulation impede the performance of the motors, which forces them to work harder.

As a result, they become hot and ultimately stop working. Unfortunately, you will not be able to fix this issue on your own as a replacement is needed. Therefore, contact a professional.

Wrong Or Dirty Fuse

Replacing a fuse is quite easy but the problem lies in finding the exact replacement. More often than not homeowners tend to replace blown fuses with inappropriate replacements. As a result, the fuse installed may be too small to handle the heating capacity of your system. Therefore, it is important that you consult the user’s manual to opt for the perfect replacement.

In addition to that, sometimes your fuse might come out to be dirty as well. This is mostly the case when homeowners neglect basic maintenance. Soot and grime covering the fuse will not allow electricity to pass properly.

Why Should I Get My Electric Furnace Regularly Maintained?

As mentioned earlier, your electric furnace requires regular maintenance. Even though you might be inspecting it every week for any unusual sounds or cracks etc. which is a good thing, annual maintenance goes beyond that.

Annual maintenance is usually done by experts who possess the right skills, experience, and knowledge to diagnose furnace-related problems. Moreover, they are also trained to thoroughly clean your electric furnace and detect any minor problems that may turn serious down the road.

This keeps your furnace in showroom condition and prevents any repairs or replacements that are otherwise more often the case.

Final Word

In the end, there is a lot that could go wrong with your electric furnace. However, you can easily prevent most of those issues by regularly maintaining your furnace either by yourself or by hiring a service. Make sure that you opt for furnace repair services McLean that have experienced technicians and follow the maintenance schedule to keep everything running smoothly for years to come.

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