Japanese Hair Straightening Vs Relaxers

There are plenty of ways to straighten your curly and wavy hair out when visit hair straightening salons. Two of those many ways are, relaxers and Japanese hair straightening. Here’s what keeps them apart from each other despite a similar tendency.

Relaxers can never be a permanent hair straightening solution unlike Japanese hair straightening

Japanese hair straightening is famously known to be a permanent hair straightening solution. Those who want their hair to be pin-straight for a reasonably long time bend towards Japanese hair straightening instead of many other alluring options. Relaxers, on the other hand, are known to be a temporary hair straightening solution which stays for a very brief time. Relaxers are just for those who want their hair to get rid of curls, tangles and waves but they don’t want perfectly straight hair. Relaxers and Japanese hair straightening are like two different poles situated in two different corners of the world.

Curls are relaxed and not straightened when it comes to relaxers

Curls and tangles are just forced to bend a little but hair is never completely ironed out. Relaxers are not meant to give you perfectly straight and smooth hair. On the contrary, Japanese hair straightening makes you move your fingers through your hair unimpededly and unobstructedly. You might not need to comb your hair for a couple of days when you get a Japanese hair straightening because your hair gets pencil-thin and tangles barely occur.

Thermal glycolate (ph 8-9) is less dangerous than carbon/calcium hydroxide (ph 14)

There has always been hearsay that Japanese hair straightening is slightly more harmful than other hair straightening techniques, bubble busted!

Japanese hair straightening breaks the strands of your hair only once but other hair straightening solutions do it more than once. Besides, relaxers contain calcium hydroxide as an elementary ingredient which has ph 12-14 and it is much higher than that of thermal glycolate i.e: ph 8-9. Needless to say, Japanese hair straightening involves thermal glycolate in place of carbon hydroxide or calcium hydroxide. Hence, Japanese hair straightening is far safer than other hair straightening techniques.

Relaxers keep your hair volumized while this is not the case with Japanese hair straightening

You must have the photos of people who have already gotten Japanese hair straightening, their hair looks pencil-thin. It looks like their hair has been somewhat devolumized after this process that they went through. Your hair does not look thinned out, instead it looks more volumized and thick when you get a Japanese hair straightening done.

Your hair will become the smoothest and straightest you have ever seen if you get a Japanese hair straightening

Japanese hair straightening is undoubtedly the best way to straighten your hair to the fullest. Other hair straightening techniques do not give you that much of straightness, suffice to say. Your hair gets rid of frizzes it already had and it also kills the chance of frizzes to accumulate once again. But, a slight disadvantage is, it makes your hair a little unnatural at the same time. It must be natural for Japanese people to have pin-straight hair but people on other continents find it a little unusual.

Japanese hair straightening is a bad idea for people with afro textured hair

Japanese hair straightening is not good for every man jack, there are still some people on earth for whom it remains completely unsuitable and incompatible. People who have hair with an afro texture should try and steer clear of this hair straightening technique. If you don’t know what the texture of your hair is, you can ask your stylist to give you a final word on this after assessing your hair thoroughly.

Relaxer lasts for around 2 months while Japanese hair straightening lasts for about a year

Relaxer is something that just gives your hair enough reason to lose its curls and tangles for a very short period of time. Your hair remains frizz-free and tangle-free for a couple of weeks — 6 to 8 weeks to be precise. On the other hand, Japanese hair straightening tends to make your hair look pin-straight for around a year. This is the longest any hair straightening technique can ever provide. Visit a Japanese hair straightening salon Rockville for more info and cost per treatment.

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