An Easy Party Planning Checklist

A checklist is a must for something which involves a lot of things to get done, like a party. You need to manage the venue, décor, food, and more things. Look for party rentals who take the burden off your shoulders. Now, here is the ultimate party checklist that will make sure that you won’t forget anything.

The Theme Of The Party

Party themes make the whole event a lot more fun and enjoyable. Kid parties are incomplete without themes, but you can also incorporate themes in any type of party as long as you coordinate things around the theme perfectly. You can go for your favorite theme or the person’s favorite theme for which you’re throwing this party. This will be a great gesture and people will appreciate it.

For kid themes, there are so many options. You can select their favorite cartoon characters as a theme or their favorite movies. The same goes for adult parties. You can select their favorite fictional character or movie character and build the theme around that.

The Invitations

You cannot forget the invitations. It is the most important part. But first, you need to make a guest lost for the party. Make sure you know how many people you are inviting so you know what will be the estimated number of people. If you are having a small house party, then your close friends and family are enough.

Once the guest list is complete, now is the time for the party invitations. You can get creative with the invites and have them written by hand or you can also take advantage of technology and send cute e-invitations to your friends. This is a great, innovative and inexpensive way to invite people to your party.

The Food

The food is probably the best part of any party, but this is where you need to play it smart. Try not to go too overboard with the food items. For a kid or even an adult party, you don’t want to go too fancy with food. Try to include simple and easy-to-grab foods. Tacos, sandwiches, canopies, sliders, mini cheese crackers, and fun and refreshing beverages are perfect for a party. You will be surprised at how much people are going to love these food choices.

The Décor

The décor is the most involved part of party planning, which is why you need to make sure that all the things are here and good to go. You will need to go shopping a couple of days before the party and make sure that you get everything you need. Balloons, party poppers, confetti, and other types of party decorations are enough for a great party. If you are going for a theme, then make sure you are getting things that match the theme. This is going to make all of the difference. Once you have everything, gather up with your friends and decorate the place like crazy.

The Management

A party will go smoothly if the management is proper. This is why you need to have a small and more condensed checklist of things that need to be done at the last minute. Make sure that all of the food is at the house some time before the party.

The decorations should be in place and ready to go. The guests should arrive 30 to 40 minutes before the party begins. There should be supervision of the young ones, especially if it’s a kid party. These things will pay off in the end, so make sure that you are managing everything.


No party is fun without some entertainment and games. You can have different activities for all kinds of people, no matter what age. Treasure hunts, puzzle games, a magic show for the kids, arts and crafts, and a photo booth are just some of the many ideas you can incorporate into your party. These games are fun and they help people to mingle with each other, so no one is alone and everyone will have a good time at the party.


There you have it! This checklist covers the basics and makes you on top of the things you’re planning. Get in contact with party tent rentals Northern VA and other vendors in advance so that you don’t have to make changes on the party day.

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