What Are The Best Ways To Welcome Your Wedding Guests

Weddings are incomplete without the guests. You spend money on wedding tent rentals and other services to serve your guests, so they need to be well taken care of during the entirety of the wedding event. Here are some things you can do to make the welcome of the guests more warm and cordial.

The Entrance Line

Probably the most important and beautiful way to greet someone who just stepped foot into your wedding is to meet them cordially at the entrance. This is not only polite but it puts the nervous guests at ease too, as they have someone they can freely talk to at the entrance of the wedding venue.

Make sure someone from the family who knows all the guests is there to welcome them, like your parents or even siblings. This will give an extremely warm welcome to your guests and they will not feel left out in the grand event. Make them feel welcome right from the start.

Have Goody Bags

It’s always a good idea to have a small goody bag filled with nice things for each of the guests coming to the wedding. The bags can be as personalized as you want. You can put in edible things like jams and homemade chocolate, a small bottle of bubbly, a wedding event inventory, freshly baked goods and more. The options are virtually endless and you can get these bags made in any way you want. It’s better to have the bags filled with things which will be preferred by wedding guests as this will make this whole gesture even more warm and welcoming.

Add Welcoming Notes

As soon as the guests are seated at the table, having a small welcome note, either handwritten or typed, will be enough to put a big and beaming smile on their faces. These notes have to be written from the heart and if you can add personal touches and gestures to the note, that would elevate the experience even more.

The guests will know that these notes are written from the heart of the person who invited them and they will feel extra special and welcomed. Handwritten notes never go out of style and they will still win the guest over.

Have Small Appetizers

Food is the best way to warmly welcome anyone. If you want, you can have servers going up to the incoming guests and serving them small appetizers to keep themselves entertained but not too full so that they won’t have space in their stomachs for the main course. You can have small party favors like finger foods to help keep the guests entertained while the wedding is getting started. This will set a good ambiance and the guests will instantly blend in with each other, enjoying and having a good time with food to nibble on.

Live Music

Music makes everything better. It sets a romantic atmosphere and it is quite fitting for a wedding to have music playing in the background. If your budget allows it, try to get your hands on a live music session, as this will be much more acoustic and softer than something generic playing in the background. You can even have the guests request special songs for the wedding.

This gesture is not only welcoming but it is also a source of good entertainment for the guests who just joined the party and it allows them to mingle with one another with ease.

Small Knick Knacks

Having a photoshoot, live painting and some entertainment for the guests are just some of the few things you can do to make the guests feel welcome and included in your special day. There can be couple photoshoots for the guests, along with pictures with the bride and groom. This will be a huge gesture of making the guests feel a part of the big day. Just make sure that the gesture isn’t too “in your face”, rather it should be subtle yet making the guests feel special and a part of the wedding.


There you have it! These things and small gestures of welcome will be remembered by all your guests when they look back after years have passed. If your event is outdoors, don’t forget to rent beautiful and practical tents and decorations from wedding party rentals Rockland NY to give the whole venue a vibe.

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