What Does Clear Car Window Tint Do

Window tints have come far in terms of offering the best UV protection. Back in the day, auto window tinting was mostly available in black color designed to offer privacy and block the harmful rays of the sun. However, today we have clear car glass tints that often confuse people about their purpose. Let’s discuss!

What Are Clear Car Window Tints?

Ceramic window tint, also called clear films, use nano-ceramic particles which are designed to be non-conductive and non-metallic. These tints also do not interfere with cellphone or radio signals despite being installed on the windshield. Believe it or not, but this was a huge concern in earlier tints. They used to block the signals making it difficult for the driver to listen to the radio or make a call.

With the passage of time, manufacturers came up with what tends to be the most popular choice amongst vehicle owners today. Ceramic window tints are used to reduce sun glare, the impact of UV rays, and improve visibility. However, these tints are comparatively expensive than other types.

Benefits Of Clear Car Window Tints


Ceramic window tints are designed to last for a lifetime. Even though they are the most expensive, their ability or color does not fade away with time. Therefore, you are good to go as long as you wish to keep the car. Meanwhile, dyed tints do not fade over time and are not meant to last forever.e

Furthermore, when it comes to installing ceramic window tints, owners should always opt for a certified installer. The reason is that they offer guarantees against their quality and installation. Therefore, if something was to go wrong, the installer will fix it free of cost.

Infrared Light Blocking

Perhaps the biggest advantage of installing clear window tints is blocking the UV rays. While some people prefer dark tints for some privacy, others find it hard to drive. Therefore, they are most likely to prefer clear window tints that are still capable of blocking UV rays.

Most people assume that the UV rays blocking ability of tints come from the color but that is not the case. Instead, the nano-ceramic technology keeps the rays out. If you are someone who lives in a region where it can get extremely hot during summers, getting clear window tints installed is going to be a wise decision.

Apart from blocking the UV rays, the interior of your vehicle will be saved from damage. Otherwise, even if you have a new car, constant exposure to UV rays is going to fade the leather and other interior components.

Scratch Proof

Clear window tints are scratch-proof as well. This means that these tints resist minor scratches. On the other hand, regularly dyed tints not only become easily scratched but also damage the actual glass. Therefore, installing clear window tints is a worthy investment since it protects the glass as well as the interior of the vehicle at the same time.

How Are Clear Window Tints Installed?

Installing clear window tints takes precision and skills. If you are someone who has never done it before, then we suggest taking your car to a professional for installation. Once your car arrives, the professional measures the dimensions of the windows and cuts the window tints accordingly.

Then, the glass is sprayed with a special liquid to allow the tint to sit properly. The installer ensures that the tints cover the window and then uses a squeegee to remove excess solution. The same process is repeated for the other windows. Once the tints have been installed, they are left to be cured.

During the curing process, the windows should not be rolled down or up. Furthermore, the duration of the curing process depends on the weather conditions. If you install them in winters, the tints will need more time to cure. This is why it is suggested to get them installed in summer.

Final Word

Clear window tints have several benefits to offer as mentioned above. If you are looking for the ultimate summer protection for your vehicle, then this is your best option. However, make sure that you choose a certified car window tinting shop Springfield for the installation process.

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