The ultimate vape buying guide

In 2014, Vape was among the most searched words on Google. Since then, the popularity of these devices is significantly increases. However, buying a vape can be very confusing because there is a huge variety out there. From vapes with 510 threaded battery to small electronic cigarettes that are no larger than a regular cigarette, this industry is indeed booming! Technological advancement is bringing new vape shapes that you would not have tried before. Indeed, it is an exciting world and vape enthusiasts have a lot to explore.

Not to mention, there are a big number of exciting flavors out there too. It seems like a never ending world. However, this can also be extremely overwhelming for a new vape user. In this article, we put together everything that you need to know about vapes. Consider it as the ultimate buying guide!

A vape buying guide

In case you are planning to vape whenever you want to, you need a portable vape device. Furthermore, if you want to vape at home only, then a desktop unit might be great. In this article, we put together all the information at your disposal.

But first, let us give up this rumor that vapes will not reduce your metabolic rate. So, you are not going to gain weight simply by using vapes!

What to consider?

Do remember that good vapes can be pricey, especially those that you can keep on your desktop. Furthermore, desktop vapes will not allow you to smoke on the go. So, if you are new, you may want to buy a portable one. Later on, you can get a nice desktop vape if you want to.

Concentrates or flowers

Most vapes accommodate marijuana or concentrates that includes waxes an oils. Furthermore, some portable vape units can actually accommodate both. Some of the desktop models with high end features also feature attachments for oil. Though, if you are only a smoker of flowers such as cannabis, you will want to buy a vape that works better with dry herbs. In this regard, if you are not a fan of oils and concentrates, we do not suggest you those.

How much should you spend?

It is important to consider a budget before spending anything on your vape. This is because a nice desktop model may cost you hundreds of dollars. As a result of this, it can be intimidating. However, as a starter you do not really have to break your bank in order to begin. At a lower price point, there are a lot of options available for you.

For instance, if you want to vape on a budget without spending a lot, we suggest you to get a concentrate pen. It can be set up with a battery and a cartridge for as less as just 60 dollars.

These cartridge pens tend to work very efficiently, and are also quite portable. This means that you can continue to smoke on the go without having to worry about the carrying aspect.

Ending note

A big number of people have a misconception that vapes are not harmful. The truth is that vapes can actually harm you, though, they are still less harmful as compared to a cigarette. This is the prime reason why a big number of tobacco smokers consider giving cigarettes up and start vaping instead. After all, it fulfills their urge with small hits of nicotine (depending on the dosage). Smokers should, however, control the number of times they take the nicotine hit. Otherwise, they may end up with nicotine poisoning or a similar issue.

Anyway, if you are considering to buy a vape, we suggest the ones with 510 thread batteries, because they happen to be the most reliable in this case. Other than that, the other types of vapes may not work as efficiently.

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